How To Choose A Mattress Topper For RV’s & Camper Vans

Are you passionate about travel, adventure, and discovery? Do you own a motorhome, camper-van, or RV? Since the pandemic started, life on four wheels has become increasingly popular because of the convenience and flexibility to travel, work, and live from anywhere in the world. One difficulty when living on the road is finding comfortable and supportive furniture and bedding that is also convenient to use and versatile. Typically mattresses that come with an RV are less than subpar, and consumers need help finding a solution that reduces pain. This article will guide you to find the best mattress topper solution to overcome discomfort on the road.


  • Choosing a mattress topper for your RV is a solution for renewed comfort at an affordable cost. 
  • Vacations are often for rest and relaxation, so don’t neglect the quality of your bedding, and understand how quality sleep is the basis for good health!
  • To choose a mattress topper suitable for life on the road, consider its practicality and density. A foldable cotton or memory foam mattress topper is ideal for travel use.


  1. Why is it important to choose a mattress topper for your van?

1.1 Enjoy optimal comfort during your van adventures

1.2 Improve your quality of sleep at an affordable cost

  1. Criteria for a good van mattress topper

2.1 Which van mattress topper is the most practical to install?

2.2 What is the most comfortable van mattress topper?

2.3 How to choose a suitable mattress topper for vans?

Why It’s Important To Choose The Right Topper for Your Van

Finding comfort on the road can be challenging. Some vans come equipped with a mattress, but typically the mattress is too hard, so your bedding will likely cause back pain and affect your sleep quality.


Getting quality sleep is essential to our health, so you shouldn't ignore the quality of your bedding!


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Taking Comfort On The Road

By purchasing a mattress topper, you’re choosing the most effective solution for optimal comfort on the road. A mattress topper is a bed accessory designed to offer you many benefits. In your case, its main advantage is to provide a layer of softness to your RV mattress that is too firm or lumpy. For this reason, we recommend that you opt for a memory foam mattress topper instead.


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In addition, people who live in motorhomes generally drive a lot, and lack of sleep or poor sleep quality will negatively impact your awareness and reflexes, which can put you and others in danger, hence the need for a comfortable sleep solution on the road.

Improve Sleep Quality at an Affordable Cost

When you sleep away from home, your body has to adjust to its new sleep environment. A mattress topper helps you fall asleep, avoids sleep disorders, keeps you cool and dry, and relieves back pain. You can benefit from all of those features at an affordable cost.


There’s a multitude of mattress topper types on the market. Top-of-the-line mattress toppers are sold at high prices and are typically made from organic materials like bamboo and wool. Other mattress toppers made from memory foam or a blend of memory foam & latex are marketed at an affordable cost while still having high-end quality worthy of luxury hotels.


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Generally, the price of a mattress topper varies between $50- $300+ depending on the size, quality, and materials. That’s a small price when you know that a top-of-the-line van, including sub-par bedding, can go for $50,000 and up. 

To summarize, reconciling comfort and travel at an affordable cost is possible thanks to mattress toppers, which are ideal for resting well after a day full of adventure and discoveries!

Criteria For A Good RV Mattress Topper

To find the right topper that meets your needs, focus on the following criteria:

  • The condition of your mattress: if your mattress is too hard, we advise you to opt for a gel-infused mattress topper. On the contrary, lean towards a high-density foam if your mattress is too soft.
  • The size of your mattress: Make sure to choose the same size mattress topper as your existing mattress.
  • Thickness: To benefit from absolute comfort, we advise you to opt for a mattress topper of at least 3”- 4” in thickness. The consistency you choose will depend on several factors (sleeping position, morphology, mattress thickness, etc.).

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  • Key Needs: Determine what your primary needs and concerns are when it comes to choosing a mattress topper. Do you need something dense & thick or soft and versatile? These are questions to ask yourself before you click “buy now.”

If you’re looking for a mattress topper for your life on four wheels, your desired advantage is generally optimal comfort, practicality, and, most commonly, back pain relief.

What’s The Most Practical Van Mattress Topper To Install?

If practicality is the benefit you’re looking for above all else, we strongly recommend that you opt for a foldable mattress topper. This mattress topper is lightweight and perfect for travel. This topper is popular with campers for its practicality.

 Given its ease of transport and handling, it fully meets the expectations of people who frequently travel. Traveling with your topper is easy. Simply roll up the mattress topper and put it in your car, trunk, or anywhere convenient.

If you’re in the market for a foldable mattress topper, we recommend choosing one with a breathable & washable cotton cover.

Hypoallergenic materials: Cotton is naturally hypoallergenic, making it suitable for people with allergies. You can finally say goodbye to dust mites and enjoy pleasant and restful nights.

Excellent ventilation: Sweat can affect sleep quality and deplete your mattress. A cotton mattress topper has fantastic ventilation, ensuring optimal bedding hygiene and facilitating maintenance. A mattress topper with excellent ventilation is all the more important when traveling in hot weather for better sleep quality.

Temperature-regulating mattress topper: Cotton provides comfort and temperature regulation year-round. This material is breathable and provides warmth, so it’s an ideal material for changing seasons.

Viscosoft’s Select High-Density mattress topper stands out on the market for its additional benefits. Indeed, this mattress topper makes your bedding soft and fluffy thanks to its high-quality gel-infused memory foam, giving you incomparable softness and support.

In addition, this RV-friendly mattress topper is also available in 3 or 4 inches of gel-infused memory foam, a breathable & washable cover, adjustable straps & slip-resistant mesh so it will stay on any surface.


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Most Common RV Mattress Toppers

As mentioned before, the mattress in your van most likely doesn’t provide you with the same comfort as the mattress in your room at home. Presumably, you’ve grown accustomed to plush comfort at home, so your body will take time to get used to this new mattress.

Suppose your priority is optimal comfort and the relief of back pain. In that case, a memory foam mattress topper is the one we recommend mainly because of its ability to soften the reception of your mattress and provide more softness to your bed.

Did you know? 🤔

NASA invented memory foam in 1966. Its purpose at that time was to limit the pressure points suffered by astronauts during take-offs by improving the safety of aircraft cushions.

Memory foam is most appreciated on the market, which is understandable given the many advantages it offers its users. It’s true; a mattress topper helps to fight back pain by evenly distributing the pressure points. It can also adapt entirely to your mattress, meeting your needs whether you are looking for a firm or soft mattress topper!

For use in a motorhome, if you are looking for a natural feeling of comfort, we recommend choosing a mattress topper thickness of 3in-4in thick; a mattress topper that is too thick, exceeding 6in, will be less easily transportable and installable.

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Nothing could be more straightforward when installing your mattress topper to your RV mattress. Its non-slip surface and adjustable elastic bands ensure a stable position throughout the night! Thus, this mattress topper has no chance of slipping and is entirely suitable for use in a van.


Convinced about purchasing a mattress topper but still deciding between a cotton or memory foam mattress topper? Think carefully about what you want from your mattress topper. A memory foam mattress topper will be the best option if you seek optimal comfort and relief from back pain because you will sleep in your van regularly. On the other hand, if high-end comfort is not your priority because you only plan to use your mattress topper occasionally, a cotton or gel-infused mattress topper will do the job just fine, especially if you sweat a lot at night or have allergies.


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