Mattress Topper Maintenance: How To

Maintaining a mattress topper is necessary to preserve its properties, allowing you to increase its durability to enjoy its benefits for as long as possible!

However, mattress toppers are a very fragile bed accessory, so you have to know how to maintain them so as not to damage them further. In this article, we will reveal our advice to you so that the maintenance of your mattress topper is as effective as possible and will accompany you for many years!

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Why is it essential to clean your mattress topper?

  • Better durability
  • Better quality of sleep
  • Mattress topper maintenance, effective methods
  • The need to opt for a removable mattress topper
  • Vacuum the mattress topper daily
  • Use essential oils

Our additional advice

  • Return your mattress topper if possible
  • Opt for a mattress protector

Why Is It Important To Maintain Your Mattress Topper?

In addition to washing your bedding to remove stains or odors, it is also necessary to maintain it daily. Indeed, the mattress topper is a bed accessory that offers you many advantages, including increased comfort and protection of the mattress. To benefit from it as long as possible, you must know how to maintain it effectively daily.

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Better Durability

Correctly maintaining your mattress topper helps keep it in good condition, providing it with durable protection and comfort for longer. On the contrary, a poorly maintained mattress topper will not be able to provide you with its full advantages. For example, you opted for a Hypoallergenic Infused Mattress Topper because you suffer from allergies and are looking for a clean sleep solution. But, if you don’t maintain the cleanliness of your topper and bedding, it’s still always a possibility that allergens and dust mites will build up despite the topper having highly absorbent and hypoallergenic properties.

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Better Quality of Sleep

Properly maintaining your mattress topper also allows you to:

  • Avoid accumulation of dirt for better hygiene
  • Distribute the filling for better comfort
  • Barrier to dust mites and other bacteria to fight against allergens
  • Provide a feeling of cleanliness to promote well-being and sleep 
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Mattress Topper Maintenance - Effective Methods

Opting for a removable mattress topper

If you want to maintain your mattress topper properly, we strongly advise choosing a washable & removable mattress topper. Indeed, having a removable cover makes it possible to wash the surface in the washing machine to eliminate all bacteria, dust, stains, or dead skin.

Photo of a woman lifting the corner of a thick white mattress topper to show a black breathable mesh on the bottom and a black elastic adjustable strap.


This memory foam mattress topper has a removable, hypoallergenic, and machine-washable cover, ideal for clean sleep!


Vacuum Your Mattress Topper 

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Vacuuming your mattress topper regularly allows you to eliminate residue, dust, and other bacteria, although this method is less effective than machine washing.

We advise you to vacuum slowly and thoroughly for effective maintenance while avoiding damage to your mattress topper.

Use Essential Oils 

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We recommend using essential oils to take advantage of the lovely smells they diffuse. The foul odors provided by a poorly maintained mattress topper will be replaced by pleasant aromas for a feeling of cleanliness and optimal well-being, making it easier to fall asleep.

Lavender, tea tree, or lemon are essential oil scents that promote relaxation and freshness. 

Our Additional Advice

Return your mattress topper if possible

Depending on the type of mattress topper you have, it is sometimes possible to use both sides of the mattress topper in question. In this case, we advise you to turn your mattress over every four months to avoid accumulating dirt and better distribution of the memory foam filling. In addition, this trick allows you to increase the lifespan of your bedding and live a hygienic lifestyle.

Opt For a Mattress Protector

We strongly recommend a mattress protector to keep your mattress topper in good condition.

Indeed, this convenient bed accessory offers you many advantages. In particular, mattress protectors allow you to increase the life of your bedding thanks to increased protection and coverage.

This breathable, cool, moisture-wicking mattress protector deflects moisture and absorbs cool air keeping you cool and dry. This protector is often paired with the active cooling copper mattress topper because it absorbs your room's temperature and deflects moisture to keep you cool and dry.

Corner of a memory foam mattress topper with copper infused foam and a white removable cover.

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