Create the Ultimate Guest Room for Quality Sleep

Your guests deserve a great night’s sleep. You probably can’t duplicate the comfort and familiarity of their bedroom from home. But installing a mattress topper from ViscoSoft will have your guests sleeping so soundly that they’ll be planning a return trip before they leave and probably bringing you something more than a house plant or bottle of wine when they do.  With a little help from ViscoSoft, the ultimate guest room experience is well within reach.  Read on for more tips on how to get there:

Remove Clutter

To maximize space in your home, your guest room may double as a home office or storage center. Take time to remove excess clutter before visitors arrive. A cluttered room could cause anxiety, restlessness and sleep troubles.

Upgrade the Sleep Experience with a Mattress Topper

Whether you host guests once a week or once a year, you want your guests to be comfortable and feel supported.  But, most of us are on a budget, and spending a lot to upgrade the mattress in a room that’s occupied 5%...10%...15% of the year is tough to swallow. Rather than invest in a discount mattress that will barely get you by, consider a premium mattress topper.  ViscoSoft offers a variety of options from basic foam toppers that fit comfortably between the mattress and the sheets to high-density foam options covered in cooling fabrics.  Toppers will extend the life of your current mattress and a quality topper should come with a 5-year warranty to ensure you won’t need to upgrade your guest bed again for a long while.  In addition to being cost effective, toppers support the joints, align the spine, and offer comfort for back, side and stomach sleepers.  Several ViscoSoft options also keep the sleep surface exceptionally clean because they come with a removable, washable cover.

Use High-Quality Sheets

Soft, high-quality sheets create a more restful sleep experience. Purchase cotton sheets with a high thread count or look for cooling sheets with light, breathable layers that wick away sweat.

Stock a Variety of Pillows

Vacationers often pack their own travel pillow, but you can provide a mix of pillows in various sizes, too. Stock soft, firm and medium pillows made from memory foam, hypoallergenic material, feathers, and poly-cluster fill. To make overnight stays even more comfortable, provide an array of silk, satin, cotton, and flannel pillowcases.

Control the Temperature

Science shows that we sleep better in a cool bedroom. Your guests may have their own temperature preferences, though. Provide both lightweight and warm blankets, a fan and a space heater. Show guests how to open the windows, too, if possible.

Adjust the Lighting

Bright light is energizing for daytime activities but disruptive to melatonin production and sleep. Install incandescent or red bulbs in overhead or bedside lamps to promote rest. Consider purchasing dimmable lighting options, too, that allow visitors to customize the room’s brightness.

Remember to cover any windows, also. Adjustable blinds and blackout curtains create a dark and restful sleep environment.

Minimize Noise

You’re used to the noises your house and neighbors make, but guests may not be used to sleeping through a child’s laughter, heavy truck traffic or chirping birds. Install a white noise machine or provide a fan to cover these noises and help your visitors rest well.

Clean the Air

Freshen the guest bedroom air and remove allergens, dust and dander with an air purifier. These small appliances are available in dozens of styles that match the room’s decor and can double as a white noise machine.

Provide Aromatherapy

Certain scents, including lavender, help us relax and fall asleep. While candles can be a fire hazard, a lavender room spray or essential oil diffuser may help guests get a better night’s rest.

Supply Snacks

A warm cup of tea or a small snack might be exactly what vacationers need to relax before bed. Supply a selection of beverages and snacks, including an electric tea kettle with herbal and regular tea bags, water bottles, trail mix, crackers, apples, and pretzels.

Add Relaxing Entertainment

If your guests need help to fall asleep in an unfamiliar room, they may want to read a book or a magazine from your guest room entertainment shelf. Consider furnishing visitors with a deck of playing cards, notepad and pen, word search or crossword puzzle books, and television plus a working remote and operating instruction, too.

Remember the Special Touches

Numerous special touches make your guest room feel like home. And relaxed visitors will probably sleep better. In addition to a welcome book with important phone numbers, the Wi-Fi password, takeout menus, and local event flyers, consider stocking these special touches in your guest room.

  • Closet, drawer and vanity space.
  • Full-length mirror.
  • First aid kit and pain relievers.
  • Charging station with spare cords.
  • Toiletries and clean, fluffy towels.
  • Trashcan and tissues.

Test the Room

Pretend you’re a guest for a night or two before visitors arrive. Experience the bedroom’s ambiance and evaluate the room’s overall comfort.  Any of ViscoSoft's best mattress toppers will  deliver the support & comfort needed for a great night's sleep.  After this test run, you’ll be ready to go.  Happy hosting!



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