Is Your Bed Too Small? 5 Ways to Tell

Does your bed not feel as comfortable as it used to?

 Are you struggling to fit in your bed, or do you lack enough room to move around? These are signs that your bed may be too small. 

Getting a bed’s size right is something most people struggle with. Let us share some of the ways you can tell if your bed size will work for you. As well as a couple ideas to correct a bed that's too small for its occupants. 

5 Ways to Tell Your Bed Size is All Wrong

You may have chosen the wrong bed size if:

  • The Mattress is too Big

A few people make the mistake of buying a standard size mattress and fail to consider the bed frame’s actual size. Buying a bed frame and a mattress from different manufacturers can also lead to a mismatch in size. 

Your bed may be too small if your mattress doesn’t fit correctly. When choosing a mattress, you need to consider factors like your bed size, height and build, and whether you sleep with a partner.  A mattress size chart can help you pick the correct size. 

You can also use a tape measure to measure the room and the space you need around the bed. Measure the doors and hallways to make sure the mattress fits into your home. 

  • Your Feet are Dangling Off the Bed

If you notice that your feet are dangling off the edge or you have to curl up during bedtime, that is an indication that you have the wrong bed size. 

Your bed should be 10cm longer than the tallest person on the bed. Anyone taller than 180cm will need a king size for comfort. 

  • The Height is Uncomfortable

Platform beds are about 18 inches from the mattress to the floor, which may be uncomfortable for a tall person to sit on.

Tall people will find beds that are about 25 inches high more comfortable, as they allow you to touch the floor with your feet as you sit on the side of the bed. The height also works for some seniors who need steady themselves before getting off the bed. 

  • Your Current Bed Size Doesn’t Accommodate Your Build.

A single or double bed will be too small if you have a broader build. A Queen-size or a full-size bed will provide ample space to sprawl and sleep comfortably without feeling cramped in one corner or side of the bed. 

  • You are Not Comfortable as a Couple

Most people assume that a standard double bed will be comfortable for two people, but this may not work.  You’ll also find some using single-size beds for two, yet they are designed for one person. 

Another way to tell if your bed is too small is if you struggle to move around and have space on the bed with your partner. A double bed works perfectly for two adults. Couples are also better off with a king-size bed as it gives them enough room to move, breathe, and sleep comfortably. 

European king-size beds measure 160cm x200 cm, while a UK bed measures 150 cm x 200 cm. That means you’ll need a room with at least 120 square feet and  345cm (L) X 310 cm (W) to accommodate this bed. That leaves enough walking space if you have wardrobes on one side of the wall. Space also factors in bedroom doors as you want to open them without any obstacles. 

Understanding Bed Sizes

Some of the standard bed sizes include:

Single Bed

Single beds can measure 72-78 inches in length and 30-42 inches in width. These beds are perfect for a single person and allow for simple modifications. A bedroom measuring 335cm in length and 175 in width will accommodate a single bed and leave you with walking space. 

A bedroom that is 65 sq. ft will fit a single bed comfortably.  However, if you need a lot of space and have a wardrobe on one side, the room should be 175cm wide and 335 cm long.

Double Bed

A double bed or full-size bed can range between 73-75 inches in length and 48 inches wide. The beds are ideal for a single adult and can be a squeezed fit for two adults. However, double beds are a good size as their size is between a queen-size and a single bed. 

Bedrooms with at least 105 sq. ft of space can fit a standard double bed. If you have wardrobes on one side of the wall and prefer walking space around the sides of the bed, then you need a room measuring 290cm in width and 335 cm long. 

Queen Size Bed

A queen-size bed measures 60-66 inches wide and 72-75 inches long. That makes it a good fit for two adults as the size is narrower than a king-size bed, These beds are customizable, and some can be 60 inches in width and 78 inches long, depending on the manufacturer. With this size, you can have plenty of legroom and sleep comfortably. 

Although queen size beds have nine inches less space than that of a king bed, they are ideal for couples who snuggle. 

King Size Bed

A king-size bed is 72 inches wide and 79 inches long. This size could be different depending on the bed seller. California king beds can be 84 inches wide, which makes them perfect for taller people. The bed provides ample space for two adults and may accommodate a growing child or active pets. 

The minimum room size that can fit a king-size bed is 310cm wide and 345cm long. That will give you walking space and provide you with space for radiators. 


Some of the ways to get the bed size right are considering your room’s size, comfort, and sleeping style. Check to see that you’ll have space on either side of the bed if you plan on getting bedside tables or other pieces of furniture in the room. A ratio of 1:3 between the room and the bed is recommended. However, this varies depending on the size of your room. Don’t forget to think about the space you will need to accommodate those sleeping in the bed when determining the right bed size. 

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