10 Good Reasons To Buy A Mattress Topper

Have you bought a mattress and want to take care of your investment? Do you have trouble falling asleep? Or is the mattress you chose too firm, and you are looking for an additional layer of softness? Do you still need to be convinced of the usefulness of a mattress topper?

This article will teach you why you should not hesitate any longer and quickly get a mattress topper for pleasant and restful nights.


  1. A boost of comfort
  2. Relief from your back pain
  3. A better lifestyle
  4. Extended mattress life
  5. A profitable investment
  6. A balance of morphologies
  7. Sleeping independence
  8. Limited perspiration
  9. A barrier against allergies
  10. A winter warming solution

A Boost of Comfort

A man sleeping on his side in a bed with his arm curled around a pillow.

Although it can’t fully replace your mattress, a mattress topper can give your aging mattress a second life so that you can find comfort again. If your mattress is too firm, a mattress topper that provides an additional layer of softness will also boost comfort. Our Select High-Density memory foam mattress topper is known to perfectly fit the body's shape by providing both firmness and softness; this type of mattress topper provides optimal comfort!


Healthline and Sleep Foundation can't say enough good things about this topper

Relief For Back Pain

You may be wondering which mattress topper to choose for your back pain.

We recommend a memory foam mattress topper to soothe your back pain. Viscosoft’s Serene Hybrid mattress topper, Select High Density, or Active Cooling Copper Topper promises to relieve pressure points so that you can sleep better. Our Mattress Toppers have proven to be real assets for your health!


A woman reaching behind her to hold her neck like she is in pain.

Sleeping 8 hours per night on a hard surface when your back is already stiff will worsen your pain. A good mattress must adapt to the morphology of the back, hence the importance of opting for a memory foam mattress topper if you suffer back pain.

A Better Lifestyle

Over time, bacteria, sweat, and other liquids get stuck in your mattress, forming hard stains. Bacteria and mites love humidity, and for better hygiene overall, opting for a mattress topper that allows you to create a distance between you and the mattress is essential.


An illustration of bacteria

Extended Mattress Life

A mattress topper will also serve as a protective layer, increasing the life of your mattress.

However, mattress toppers are not intended to replace an actual mattress protector. Instead, a mattress topper allows you to add a layer of comfort and softness to your mattress. Still, they often are not waterproof like a mattress protector and are not optimal protection for your bed.

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A Profitable Investment

We have seen that a mattress topper can increase and enhance the life of your mattress, so this investment is profitable because our mattress toppers are sold at affordable prices.

In addition, if you have an aging and uncomfortable mattress but can’t afford to replace it, a mattress topper is an alternative to provide you with comfort until you replace your mattress.

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Note 🤔 

Several studies show that you should change your mattress every 7-10 years; however, the condition of a mattress depends on its user. The signs alerting you that it’s time for a mattress change are difficulty falling asleep, the imprint of the body that remains marked, and the sagging of the mattress.

A Balance Of Morphology

Generally, when you are in a couple, you choose the mattress according to the morphology of the bigger spouse of the two. At first glance, this does not seem to be a problem, but the reality is that the mattress may be too firm for the smaller person, which can cause back pain.

Fortunately, the Serene Hybrid Mattress Topper solves this problem by providing the necessary comfort to improve your sleep quality which gives us one more reason to buy a mattress topper!

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Sleep Independence

Sleep independence can be defined as a mattress's ability to absorb your partner's movements. Select High-Density Mattress Topper offers excellent sleeping independence, so your partner's movements do not impact the quality of your sleep.


A photo of a man and a woman lying on their backs on a bed with their feet still on the floor and their arms are both laying above their heads.


Limited Perspiration

It is entirely normal to sweat during the night; however, the feeling of humidity and heat can cause sleep disturbances. In this case, a mattress topper with infused foam like the Infused Select High-Density will bring you freshness while being antiperspirant so that your nights are not disturbed.

A woman laying in bed while holding her pillow and making an expression as if she is uncomfortable

A Barrier Against Allergies

Several mattress toppers can deal with your allergies and improve your sleep quality. Our premium Active Dry Wicking Protector offers protection against allergens, sweat, food, liquids, and dust mites, making it especially helpful for those with children, pets, or allergies.  

A photo of a woman blowing her nose.

A Conveinent Solution

We’ve all had to sleep on an air mattress or couch at least once, but let’s face it; you don’t get adequate sleep. Mattresses Toppers can be much more universal and functional than the average person realizes. Their initial intent was to upgrade an existing mattress, but we’ve elevated our toppers to be practical and transportable. From a pull-out couch, an RV bed, a college dorm, an air mattress, or even the floor, a mattress topper can transform an uncomfortable sleep space into a plush surface where you can snooze in any environment without waking up sore.

Were you convinced by the usefulness of a mattress topper? All you have to do is choose the right mattress topper!

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