Our Story

Freedom of Choice at a Fair Price

An assortment of viscosoft products arrange elegantly.  Products include sheets, pillows, mattress and comforters

ViscoSoft is a Charlotte, NC-based global sleep company that launched in 2007. We've fostered an international culture and a global supply chain that is part of our DNA. We believe that quality materials and innovation make the difference. Our workshop was born out of a craving for substance rather than just marketing in products that deliver real comfort.

“We believe a good night's sleep should be accessible to everyone— regardless of where you lay your head at night. ”

smiling woman resting on bed during the day

We understand that the product we build will literally touch our customers on a daily basis and treat this responsibility accordingly. Imagining the challenge of improving products that improve lives because of small tweaks or bigger jumps energizes our daily work. We want to deliver amazing sleep and thereby affect quality of life.

heartbright foundation brand logoWe equally understand that with our growth comes the responsibility to support the communities where we live and work. ViscoSoft has programs in place to donate on a ever growing scale to support a number of charities in Charlotte to those struggling below a living wage as well as ensuring our excess products or returns are donated and don't end up going to waste.