Who we are

sleep experts

From 20-minute powernaps to eight hours of shuteye, our dedicated team of experts have spent nearly a decade understanding what materials and environmental factors contribute to deep, restful sleep.

product developers

Research, rest, repeat. Our rigorous selection process incorporates hundreds of combinations —mixing formulations, densities, and recovery properties—to create one-of-a-kind mattresses, pillows, toppers and protectors.

in-house designers

Sleep is a beautiful thing and at ViscoSoft we take that old adage to heart. Our bold fabricsand colorful designs may often be covered with pillowcases and cozy comforters, but we still obsess over every detail.
We're on a Mission to Deliver Uncompromising Quality, Comfort and Choice to All at a Fair Price.
our collections


Choose a pillow that talks to you. By evaluating different body types, sleeping positions and temperature preferences, we've created over a dozen dreamy pillows to tackle your worst nightmare—from neck pain to overheating.


Get a grip on better sleep. Backed by hundreds of five-star reviews, our gel-infused toppers securely attach to any sleep surface and are an easy way to enhance the comfort and feel of your existing mattress.


Add years to your mattress. Preserve your investment with a layer that protects and performs. Whether you want to wick away moisture or stay cool, our textiles feature advanced technology you won't find anywhere else.
live responsibly, sleep well.

From reducing our carbon footprint to investing in eco-friendly materials, we devote our time and resources to integrate sustainable practices in everything we do.