Sleep Well & Save Money in 2022

The Quality Product That's Become a Responsible Spending Option to Combat Inflation

Americans say they are worried about inflation, but they continue to spend. The question on the mind of many consumers is what savvy shoppers are buying to keep their monthly budget under control. In this rising price environment consumers are looking for value.  Durable goods that solve a problem, satisfy a need or serve as a substitute for an item that has recently become too expensive.  When it comes to your bedroom, no product delivers more value than a premium mattress topper. And, for the past 5 years, consumers have embraced Viscosoft's innovative line-up of toppers with customer favorites starting at $150 and more than 25,000 reviews to show for it as well as several reviews and accolades from industry experts.

Odd Bedfellows

If it feels like mattress toppers are a category ready to explode, you might be on to something. The same way CROCS burst on the scene in the 1990s to afford healthcare, frontline & food service workers a comfortable and durable footwear alternative, mattress toppers are doing the same for restless people and uncomfortable beds across the country.  If the popularity of this affordable bedroom savior continues to rise, it’s quite possible the cute Jibbitz charms that helped CROCS become a worldwide sensation may not be far behind.

A Budget-Friendly Alternative

The average price of a middle-of-the-road memory foam mattress is currently above $1,000. As prices on everyday staples like food, gas and apparel continue to rise, a four-figure expense like this is not possible, or responsible, for an increasing numbers of consumers. Mattress toppers have grown to prominence over the past two years for their ability to quickly restore comfortable sleep and extend the life of an overworked or aging mattress for a fraction of the cost. 

The Ideal Combination of Quality and Versatility

Mattress toppers are being increasingly recommended for reducing pain and improving sleep.  As the population ages, a greater number of people are dealing with chronic pain in their back, hips, neck and shoulders.  The discomfort contributes to a restless night of sleep due in part to frequent tossing and turning. The right topper will enhance the sleep surface to relieve pressure points, improve spine alignment and encourage better circulation.  For those suffering, waking up pain-free renews confidence and contributes to better mental health thus creating the positive energy needed to seize the opportunities in the day ahead.  

Because toppers are smaller and lighter than a full mattress, they are much more versatile than their ‘big brother’. For those that have saved diligently and are ready for a new mattress, toppers can be easily relocated to a guest bedroom or child's room. The topper can also be easily rolled, secured with a strap and stored it in a cool, dry place (such as a closet) until it is needed again.  Memory foam is resilient but still very pliable after it has been unpacked. Those that are tight on space, can fold the topper after it has been rolled it and place it in a plastic or cardboard box for storage under a desk or in the attic. 

Mattress toppers have recently found a home in the sharing economy too.  People with second homes or that manage short-term rental properties on platforms like AirBNB or VRBO, have tapped mattress toppers for the cost-efficient method of providing guests with a cool, clean night of great sleep without the expense of a new mattress. The best mattress toppers come equipped with machine-washable covers that can be easily removed, washed and placed back over the foam. This feature protects the memory foam against dirt, allergens and everyday wear and tear as well as keeps the sleep space exceptionally hygienic for guests by adding an additional layer between the sheets and the mattress. For this same reason, toppers with washable covers have been a favorite item for students heading to college or families renting an RV for a vacation full of memories.

Supporting the New WFH Culture

The pandemic has required adults to work from home more than ever before.  In doing so, beds have pulled double-duty as desks, chairs, presentation stages and lunch tables.  The additional use is taking a toll on mattresses just as longer hours are taking a toll on workers. The combination of these changes has lead to lower quality and less hours of sleep.  Mattress toppers offer a simple way to protect your sleep space from the rigors of a home office routine while enhancing the surface of your bed when it is finally time to put down the phone and turn out the lights.

There are plenty of things to keep up us up at night. The bed does not need to be one of them but the importance of comfort, particularly when it comes to sleep, cannot be understated.  If you’re not getting the deep, rejuvenating slumber needed to support your daily routine, it’s time for a change.  For those looking to avoid another unwanted case of sticker shock, a quality mattress topper is an easy way to adapt your spending without compromising value.     

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