Find the right mattress topper for your van, RV, or camper.

Passionate about travel, adventure, and discovery? Do you own an RV, camper, or van? While these ways of traveling are becoming more and more popular, the main fault with this lifestyle is the diminished comfort and lowered quality of sleep on the road as opposed to home. 

This article offers you the best solution to overcome this problem, and that solution is as simple as (drum roll please) a mattress topper

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  • Choosing a mattress topper for your motorhome is the solution for renewed comfort at an affordable cost. 
  • Vacations are also made to rest, aren’t they? So don’t neglect the quality of your bedding, quality sleep is the basis of your health! Vacation luxuriously.
  • To choose a mattress topper suitable for vans, it is important that it is recognized both for its practicality, but also for its optimal comfort. A memory foam mattress topper will be the main mattress topper suitable for this use.


 Why is a mattress topper necessary for your van or motorhome?

Sleeping well in a van or RV is not always easy. Some vans come standard with a built in bed but this type of mattress is generally too hard, so it’s highly likely that your bedding will cause back, neck, and hip pain and affect your quality of sleep.

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 Getting high quality sleep is so important to our health. It affects how you feel every single day so don’t neglect the quality of your bedding! A good day starts with a good nights rest.

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In the case of van life, it provides a much needed layer of softness and comfort to your uncomfortable mattress. It can also aid in easing aches and pains so that you can live your life to the fullest, every day. 

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Improve your quality of sleep at an affordable price:

When we leave home, our body has to get used to our new bed and this adaptation time often substantial. A mattress topper helps you fall asleep, avoid sleep disorders, and relieve back pain. It’s a simple way to benefit from optimal comfort at an affordable cost.

 On the market, you can find several types of mattress toppers. There are top-of-the-line toppers that are sold at high prices, as well as others that are sold at a more affordable price while still maintaining that high-end quality worthy of a five star hotel.

Generally, the price of a mattress topper varies between 50 and 500 dollars depending on the model chosen. An affordable price when you know that one night in a hotel can easily top that.


 Criteria for a good motorhome mattress topper:

 In order for you to find the right mattress topper for your needs, you must pay attention to various criteria:

  • The condition of your mattress  : if your mattress is too hard , we advise you to opt for a soft mattress topper. On the contrary, if your mattress is too soft, lean towards a firm mattress topper instead .
  • The size of your mattress  : you must choose the same dimensions for your mattress topper as for your mattress.
  • Thickness  : To benefit from real comfort, we advise you to opt for a mattress topper of at least 3 inches. This thickness will depend on several factors (sleeping position, morphology, thickness of the mattress, etc.).
  • The advantage sought  : depending on the material chosen, you will benefit from specific advantages. To choose your mattress topper well, you must clearly know the reasons why you need one.


 What is the most comfortable van or RV mattress topper?

As mentioned before, it’s very likely that the mattress in your motorhome doesn’t provide you with the same comfort as the mattress in your actual home. Your body, having become accustomed to optimal comfort, is going to take a while to adjust and your sleep will suffer.

a woman lays on a mattress topper in her van

 If your priority is optimal comfort and the relief of back pain, the select high density mattress topper is the one that we recommend, mainly because of its ability to cradle you with comfort while supporting and aligning your spine.

 This mattress topper is our most popular. This is completely understandable given the multitude of advantages it offers. This mattress topper aids in the relief of back pain by evenly distributing those pesky pressure points. It is also able to adapt completely to your mattress, so it will meet your needs whether you are looking for a firm mattress topper or a soft mattress topper!

In addition, to the  top-of-the-line comfort  it offers, it will give you the impression of sleeping in the most luxurious 5 star hotel.


**Did you know ? 🤔
Memory foam was invented by NASA in 1966. Its purpose at that time was to limit the pressure points suffered by astronauts during take-offs by improving the safety of aircraft cushions.**


The installation of this mattress topper in your motorhome couldn’t be much easier. Its non-slip surface and its heavy-duty adjustable elastic straps ensure a stable positioning throughout the night! This mattress topper has no chance of slipping and it is completely suitable for use in a van, RV, or camper. It is available in all sizes including queen short.


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