Keep your mattress cool and clean with a ViscoSoft Mattress Protector. Our cooling, waterproof mattress protectors create a breathable surface that will safeguard your investment against spills and stains.

  • Mattress Protectors

    Cold Wire Plus Mattress Protector

    At the pinnacle of luxury and performance, our cutting-edge Cold Wire Plus technology goes well beyond just providing protection, it helps you get your best night’s sleep by wicking away...
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  • Mattress Protectors

    Cold Wire Mattress Protector

    High-performance fibers combined with Cold Wire technology create a layer of cooling comfort and long-lasting, reliable performance.  Product Features Cold Wire Technology – Advanced technology wicks away moisture and absorbs the...
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  • Mattress Protectors

    Active Dry Mattress Protector

    Add an easy to clean, allergy-resistant and waterproof layer of moisture-wicking comfort and protection to any mattress.  Product Features  Jacquard Weave Fabric – Jacquard knit fabric wicks away moisture keeping you...
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  • Mattress Protectors

    Micro Cotton Mattress Protector

    Exceptionally strong polyurethane membrane is 100% waterproof and protects your mattress against stains resulting from life's little accidents.  Product Features Micro Cotton Fabric Naturally Hypoallergenic  Machine Washable Free ShippingAll products...
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