My mattress is too firm. How do I fix this?

Did you recently buy a mattress, but after a few days of use, you realized that your mattress is too hard and doesn’t provide the expected comfort?

Keep reading to help you solve this problem.

How To Soften A Stiff Mattress?

If you purchased your mattress in-store, it might be a display mattress which is typically softer since they’re tested several times a day! Do not hesitate to ask the seller how long the mattress has been on the floor. Knowing the age of the mattress will allow you to assess its firmness.

To avoid this problem and ensure our customer's satisfaction, we offer 90 days of a worry-free trial so that you can test out your mattress properly. If the mattress doesn’t suit you, returns are free, so there’s no risk!

The Solution

When you need to soften a mattress that’s too firm, there’s nothing better than getting a mattress topper! Different mattress toppers are on the market, from cooling to firm and plush. With so many options, you will likely find a mattress topper that can meet your expectations!

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How To Know If Your Mattress Is Too Firm?

To choose the right mattress topper, you must first know how firm the mattress is. The test is simple: 

  1. Place your hand between your lower back and the mattress; if doing this is really easy for you, your bed is probably too hard. but if not, its firmness should suit you!

Signs & symptoms your mattress is too firm

Many people experience symptoms due to their mattresses being too firm. Back pain is generally caused by a bed that is too hard. To determine if a mattress is too firm, please pay attention to the different symptoms:

  • Neck pain
  • Lower back pain
  • Hip pain
  • Shoulder pain
  • Aches
  • Arm numbness at night

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Using a mattress topper for a mattress that is too firm

If you have a mattress that is too firm, your mattress topper should provide softness without impacting the current support of your mattress. A memory foam mattress topper is best for softening a firm bed. Memory foam provides a soft and cozy surface to compensate for the firmness of your mattress and allow you to experience undeniable comfort again!

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The Solution

The Serene-Hybrid mattress topper is the perfect solution to this problem.

This luxury mattress topper, voted “Best Mattress Topper” by Good Housekeeping, has a layer of gel-infused, CertiPUR-US memory foam and a 300-thread count pillow top cover featuring a plush 400gsm down alternative fill. The cover is machine washable and features adjustable straps and a fully-elastic skirt to ensure the topper stays in place and never slides. Adding the Serene-Hybrid to a stiff mattress will completely change the look and feel of your bed and improve your sleep.

The combination of Gel-Infused foam and plush cover allows us to offer you the best US-made mattress topper.

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Remember that your mattress topper doesn't replace your mattress. It is an effective solution for regaining comfort in the interim, so we advise you to renew your mattress approximately every ten years for absolute comfort and support.

To keep your bedding in good condition, ensure you know how to maintain your mattress topper!


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