Firm Mattress Toppers: Everything Consumers Need to Know

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You're looking for a mattress topper and wondering if you should go with a mattress topper dedicated to making your mattress more firm? This article delivers everything you need to know about firm mattress toppers so you can make the right choice!


1 Firm or soft mattress topper, how to make the an informed choice?

1.1 Is your mattress too hard or too soft?

1.1.1 Recognizing a mattress that is too hard

1.1.2 Recognizing a mattress that is too soft

1.2 The 3 levels of mattress topper firmness

1.3 How to find a firm mattress topper?

1.4 Why choose a firm mattress topper?

1.4.1 Benefiting from additional comfort

1.4.2 Relieve back pain

1.4.3 Bring a layer of firmness to your too soft mattress

1.5 How to buy a firm mattress topper?

1.5.1 The 3 types of firm mattress toppers on the market

1.5.2 What type of mattress topper to choose?

1.5.3 The most suitable product: the firm mattress topper


Firm or soft mattress topper, how to make the right choice?

Many people hesitate when deciding on the firmness level of a mattress topper, the best decisions will depend on several criteria that we will cover in this article.

How do you know if your mattress is too hard or too soft?

If you have sleep disorders, including back pain, especially when waking up, it is highly likely that your mattress is too hard or too soft. When choosing the right type of mattress topper it is important to know if your mattress is too hard or too soft.

Recognizing a mattress that is too hard

Waking up with aches and pains is one factor that may indicate that you are sleeping on a mattress that is too hard. Indeed, a mattress that is too hard puts pressure on the lower back, hips, shoulders and shoulder blades, which causes an uncomfortable feeling. As a result, you change positions several times each night, which negatively impacts the quality of your sleep.

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Pro Tip🤔
To find out if your mattress is too hard, lie on your side and put your hand in the small of your back. If your hand passes too easily, this indicates that your mattress does not fully conform to your body's frame,  and your mattress is then considered too firm.

Recognizing a mattress that is too soft

A soft mattress is usually preferred by consumers because it provides optimal comfort. However, it is important that your mattress also provides good support in order to avoid back pain. Waking up with lower back pain or tingling may mean your mattress is too soft. We can also recognize a mattress that is too soft when your elbow sinks excessively into your mattress, this sinking is considered too great when it exceeds 1.5 inches.

The 3 levels of firmness of a mattress topper

There are several types of mattress toppers that can be grouped into 3 categories according to the feeling they provide.

  • Firm or stiff mattress topper : This mattress topper is known to offer very good support, thus it is recommended for people who suffer from back or hip pain as well as people with large builds.
  • Balanced mattress topper : This a universal mattress topper, neither too hard nor too soft, recommended for by specialists for multi-position sleepers.
  • Soft or plush mattress topper : usually a memory foam mattress topper with a plush cover or even a cotton mattress pad . These products are recommended for people looking for optimal comfort, it is also able to relieve your back pain, but it is not always suitable for people with large builds.

How do I find a firm mattress topper?

It is necessary to know what thickness to choose for your mattress topper, if you want to opt for a firm mattress topper, remember to choose a significant thickness. The firm mattress topper has a high density filling to give you the best possible support. If you are looking for a firm mattress topper, we also advise you to choose a heavy density, as the level of density represents the level of firmness. Indeed, the denser your mattress topper, the firmer it will be, this very important criterion allows you to choose your mattress topper wisely .

Why choose a firm mattress topper?

The mattress topper is an essential accessory for any bed because it offers a lot of advantages, specifically it is known to increase the life of your mattress while providing you more comfort and increasing hygiene. In contrast to the soft mattress topper, a firm mattress topper also offers unique advantages.

Benefit from additional comfort

A firm mattress topper is strongly recommended to add life to your aging mattress, it delivers several years of comfort without requiring the purchase of a new mattress. However, you should know that a mattress topper cannot replace a mattress , this alternative is effective in the short term, but after a few years, you will still have to change the mattress. Realistically, a mattress topper can increase the durability and longevity of your mattress by providing you with an additional layer of comfort.

Relieve your back pain

Do you suffer from back pain and are you probably wondering which mattress topper to choose for back pain?

The firm mattress topper is highly recommended for people who suffer from back pain. The excellent support it provides ensures proper alignment of the spine.

A mattress topper that is too soft is therefore not suitable for people with back pain because its support is not sufficient.

Bring a layer of firmness to your too soft mattress

If you have a mattress that is too soft and you are looking to give it more support, a firm mattress topper is for you. Its ability to firm up the reception of your mattress and give it more support will make your mattress more ergonomic, give it more elasticity and firmness to bring you more comfort, while relieving your back pain. .


Pro Tip 🤔
A mattress topper that is too firm is not suitable for people who suffer from joint pain or arthritis, it is also not recommended for people who tend to lie on their stomach and side as it is likely cause discomfort or pain.

How to buy a firm mattress topper?

The 3 types of firm mattress toppers on the market

There are 3 types of mattress toppers on the market are known to provide firmness to your bed, these are the latex mattress topper, the high-density mattress topper and the four inch mattress topper .

The latex mattress topper
Strongly recommended for people who suffer from back pain, the latex mattress topper is one of the most popular mattress toppers. The latex mattress topper is known to fully adapt to your body type by offering you an excellent balance to improve your comfort and well-being. Latex is the densest material on the market, so this type of mattress topper is the firmest available.

The high density mattress topper
In most cases, back pain comes from a mattress that is too hard, too soft or hollow. The high density mattress topper helps you fight back pain while providing you with comfort worthy of the greatest hotels. Recognized for its versatility, a high density memory foam mattress topper can both reduce the pressure points of a mattress that is too hard, and also provide optimal support for a mattress that is too soft. Indeed, the high-density foam is able to bolster support and limit the feeling of sinking, so this type of topper is also effective if you are looking for incremental firmness.

The four inch mattress topper
Very suitable for people suffering from pain and back pain, this mattress topper supports and relieves pressure points. Designed with 2" memory foam at the top, this layer contours to the body. Below this layer is a 2" layer of sturdy foundation foam to provide renowned support and spinal alignment. This layer also helps to maintain the topper's shape over time ensuring durability.

What type of mattress topper to choose?

The latex mattress topper The high density mattress topper Four inch mattress topper
Advantages Resistance to dust mites
Durability, Firmness. Exceptional support to fight back pain. Resistance to mold Natural ingredients (⚠️ designation) No off-gassing (odor). Breathability, Elasticity
Excellent comfort
Pressure point relief
Fight back pain
Obtain optimal support
Dust mite resistance
Fight back pain
Soft to the touch
Hypoallergenic material
Thermoregulatory properties
Respectful composition
Disadvantages Beware of synthetic latex which is less efficient
High price
Higher weight
Heavier Weight Increases the height of the bed.  More expensive than other options.


The most suitable product: the Select High Density mattress topper

If you have a mattress that is too soft and you want to firm it up, we advise you to opt for the Select high density mattress topper . In fact, this high-density mattress topper adds more support and firmness to your support layer.

Very versatile, we recommend this mattress topper because it is able to fully adapt to your mattress whether it is too hard or too soft or even aging. Indeed, this foam restores support and to your bed and strengthens the too soft reception of your mattress, it reduces the pressure at the level of the contact points of a too firm mattress, without reducing its support. Finally, this mattress topper is also perfect for an aging mattress that has sagged over time and lost its support.

The bamboo cover also allows high breathability of the product and allows the mattress topper not to retain heat. 

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