Soft Mattress Toppers: When to Consider

Are you considering a mattress topper but are hesitating because you haven't quite figured out all the features and characteristic of each topper? If so, you're in good company! Lots of people are searching for the same answers 😏

For this reason, we have written this article.  The post is intended to share everything we know about mattress mattress toppers with a soft or plush feel. Once you understand the benefits and drawbacks of a soft topper, you can decide if a topper with these characteristics is right for you.

The level of firmness

Mattress toppers have 3 firmness levels:

  • Hard or firm: a firm mattress topper offers good support for an old or sagging mattress.
  • Balanced: delivers a universal feel, neither too hard nor too soft, mainly recommended by our specialists for multi-position sleepers.
  • Soft or plush: usually memory foam mattress toppers with lots of padding or even feather, down or cotton mattress toppers .

The softest and most bouncy mattress toppers on the market are polyester, feather and down mattress toppers. If you really want to sink into the bed, we advise you to opt for our premium hybrid memory foam mattress topper.

Photo of a white, quilted, pillow top mattress topper on a bed.


With its 2.5" of gel-infused memory foam, the Serene offers premium quality for extremely soft comfort. Especially since its foam is infused with gel, which regulates the temperature and optimizes air circulation! What better way to create a cool and pleasant sleep environment on warm summer nights? 😎

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The pros of soft mattress toppers

  • They make it possible to soften and moderate the surface of a mattress that is too firm 
  • They provide softness and lightness to minimize discomfort and make it easier for you to sleep soundly ✅
  • They absorb movement and noise to create an ideal sleep environment for both partners  
  • They are also suitable for people with joint problems and back pain via good pressure point relief
  • It is a cheaper solution to bring your mattress back to life ✅
  • They relieve pressure and provide extra support 

The disadvantages of a soft mattress topper

  • It is not suitable for heavier people because they can sink excessively, this can cause discomfort including back pain ❌
  • A mattress topper that is too soft is also not suitable for people who tend to sleep on their stomach because it can over-flex your spine❌
  • If your partner is heavier, it is possible that a soft mattress topper will cause them discomfort resulting in restless nights
  • Soft toppers might have a short lifespan than firm toppers because with age the mattress toppers become more soft, ultimately becoming too soft ❌

Who is it recommended for?

The soft mattress topper is recommended for children, people with a smaller frame or build and people who appreciate softness. In addition, if you sleep on your back or on your side, specialists advise you to opt for this type of mattress topper to avoid back pain and improve your quality of sleep.

Note 🤔
Even if you really appreciate the softness, it is important not to opt for a mattress topper that is too soft because it can cause excessive sinking due to a lack of support which will eventually cause back, hip or neck pain.


It is now possible to combine firmness and flexibility thanks to new technologies. Indeed, many mattress toppers provide you with significant comfort thanks to their soft cushions while offering you firm support. Interested in the combination of these two advantages? We invite you to get closer to the memory foam mattress topper . 😉

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