Why a Mattress Topper?

As the name suggests, a mattress topper is placed directly on top of an existing mattress.  The purpose of a topper is to significantly improve sleep quality by utilizing the current mattress rather than replacing and disposing it.  As mattresses begin to age, your sleep quality will degrade and you’ll find yourself waking-up tired or uncomfortable.  Too often consumers are persuaded by large-budget advertising campaigns that a new mattress is the only solution to these problems. Viscosoft has established an award-winning line-up of high-quality mattress toppers designed to immediately revitalize your mattress by improving support, reducing pain and creating a cooler, more enjoyable sleep surface.

We intentionally design our toppers with premium, durable foams and removable, washable covers.  These attributes create a meaningful level of versatility that further differentiate Viscosoft toppers from entry-level competitors and traditional mattress companies.  Rather than spending $800 - $1,200 upgrading mattresses in guest bedrooms, college dorm rooms, pull-out couches or the family’s new RV, customers use Viscosoft mattress toppers to create the luxurious sleep experience they desire for a fraction of the cost.

While we didn’t see it coming, the COVID-19 pandemic has re-enforced our commitment to offering a value-centric alternative to consumers looking for better, healthier sleep.  Many of us are now spending significantly more time in our homes…bedrooms have been converted into offices, classrooms and playrooms with the bed itself shouldering most of the load.  In these uncertain times, the need for a budget-friendly, comfort upgrade delivered directly to the door increased significantly and Viscosoft products proved worthy of the challenge. 

While mattress toppers have not received the same fanfare of their big brother, we remain convinced that our offerings’ thoughtful design, innovative materials and greater overall value are a unique path to better sleep and overall well-being for savvy consumers.

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