Things to Know if You’re a Side Sleeper

Make Sure You Start With the Right Pillow

Your pillow should be both thick and firm.You want to make sure your spine is as straight as possible! A soft or sagging pillow will allow your head to dip below your spine and therefore adding a curve and tension to your neck. You may have noticed this problem in the past if you haven’t had a great pillow and woke up with an aching neck and shoulders. No fun!

    And Repurpose Your Old One

    Use the old, less supportive pillow to place between your knees when you’re sleeping. This will keep your position stabilized, thus keeping your spine straight. This tip will definitely keep you and your chiropractor happy!

    Heavy Duty Equipment

    You need a mattress on the firmer side, so that your lower back and shoulder points aren’t sagging, disrupting your spinal alignment. If you’re a side sleeper with a soft mattress, chances are you’ve got a lot of back pain! Invest in a mattress on the firmer side, and if that’s not possible invest in a firm mattress pad until you’re able to do so.

    Stretch It Out

    Considering the fact that sleeping on your side requires your body to be a little bit more compacted than other sleep positions, you’re bound to be a little bit stiff in the morning. Take a couple minutes in bed to stretch out before getting up for the day. 

    Try Sleeping on Your Left Side

    Sleeping on our left side helps with digestion, as well as acid reflux and heartburn, due to the way our organs are located inside our body. If you move around and change positions often when you sleep, attempt to at least fall asleep on your left side each night and see if it sticks!

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