2019 Spring Cleaning List - Freshen Your Home with our 2019 Spring Cleaning Checklist

Looking to tidy up your place this spring? After months of binge-watching your favorite Netflix shows, snuggling inside your house this winter and developing a small crater in your couch, it’s time to stretch out those legs and start the humbling process of spring cleaning. We want to help you reorganize your room, brush off that patio, straighten up your kitchen, wipe down the bathroom and vacuum the living room. Below are some tips, room-by-room, for making your spring clean a sweeping success.

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Stop 1 – The Bedroom

In each room, you should definitely start your cleaning from the top and work your way down. Start by cleaning your ceiling and then head south to the floor. This way you knock off all of the debris, which keeps you from having to re-clean later. You may need to rearrange some of your furniture to reach those hard-to-get places. It may even help to spruce up your bedroom with a full makeover – check out this post for the best bedroom decorating ideas. Don’t forget to replace old bedding gear, that way you can get rid of any lingering issues that can’t be cleaned (think dead skin and dust mites).

Stop 2 – The Bathroom

Don’t be afraid to get down and dirty in here. A good deep cleaning will make it easier to spot clean throughout the spring and summer months. Wipe down that sink, the tub, and work your way to the toilet.  Some things to keep in mind – replace any filters for your bathroom fan (if needed), change that shower curtain and get rid of any expired cosmetic supplies.   

Stop 3 – The Kitchen

The kitchen may need a little more love and care. With your meals being made here, you may want to wipe everything down twice! Since this is a quarterly cleaning, don’t forget to wipe down your cabinets. Always go through your pantry and refrigerator – get rid of that three-month old cheese and any other food that is either going bad or just isn’t being touched. If you have stainless steel appliances, be sure to use gentle cleaners or a steam cleaner to avoid scratching or other issues.

Stop 4 – The Living Room

Your living room has been your fortress of solitude for the past few months. Now it’s time to get rid of that smell and brighten up your space. Like the bedroom, start from the ceiling and work your way to the floor for the most efficient clean. Rearranging any couches, chairs, or coffee tables may open up this area and make for new beginnings this spring. Shuffle around any works of art so that your living room doesn’t become stale and repetitive. Maybe even throw a new throw on your couch to finish it all off.

Stop 5 – The Patio

Have a patio? Fantastic! This is where the fun really happens during great weather. So, make sure you scrub down that grill, sweep off the deck, and touch up some paint on any wooden fencing. Nothing is better than planting a few shrubs or lying down a new layer of mulch. OK maybe one thing is better – that smell of the fresh cut grass from the first mowing of spring! Yup, makes me antsy to grill-out just thinking about it.

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