My mattress is too soft. How do I fix this?

Is your mattress too soft? A mattress topper might be the solution.

You recently bought a mattress, but after several days of use, you realized that your mattress is actually too soft and doesn’t provide you with the expected comfort and support. So, is there a topper to make your soft mattress a little firmer? Stay tuned to find out!

Is there a mattress topper for mattresses that are too soft?

There are different types of mattress toppers on the market, from firm mattress toppers to soft mattress toppers, there is bound to be one to meet your needs.

How to diagnose whether your mattress is actually too soft or not

To choose your mattress topper , you must know if your mattress is actually too too soft or if the issue comes from elsewhere.  Here’s a quick tip to make this easier: place your elbow on your mattress- if it sinks excessively (more than 4 cm), it means that your mattress is too soft. Back pain and tingling upon waking are also signs that can point to a mattress that is too soft. To fix this problem, we recommend that you opt for a firm mattress topper.

Once you figure out whether your mattress topper is too soft or not, the next step is to figure out what thickness to choose. If you are looking for a topper to add a little firmness to your mattress, it’s smart to choose a thicker one.

firm mattress topper should also have a high-density foam to give you the best possible support.

To summarize, in order to find a mattress topper intended to correct a mattress that is too soft, you need to ensure that it has a significant thickness, but also that it is dense, because the denser it is, the firmer it will be.

The best mattress toppers for mattresses that are too soft are:

The Select High Density mattress topper: the Select High Density mattress topper provides optimal support for a mattress that is too soft by eliminating that dreaded sinking feeling and alleviating back pain. This topper is one of our best sellers won’t disappoint.

Woman lifting up corner of a thick blue and white mattress topper and pulling out the white elastic adjustable strap over the corner of the mattress

Select High Density mattress topper. Available in 3 or 4 inch thickness options. Offers high-density support.

The Active Cooling mattress topper: recognized for its support and relief of pressure points, this 4 inch mattress topper offers you a comfortable yet firm surface to correct an overly soft mattress.

Photo of a thick white mattress topper secured to a mattress with a black adjustable elastic strap. Fluffy rose colored bedding is draped across the top

Active Cooling mattress topper. 4 inches thick. Offers cooling relief.

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The solution for your too soft mattress:

It’s important to note that, while possible, it’s difficult to completely fix a mattress that is too soft with a mattress topper alone. However, adding a firm mattress topper to your soft mattress will improve your sleeping experience and leave you with less aches and pains.

By providing more support to your mattress, a high-end mattress topper like this one will bring you more comfort by making your mattress more supportive.

Remember that while your mattress topper does not replace your mattress, it’s often an effective solution for getting more comfortable sleep in the short term. In order to keep your bedding in good condition, be sure to maintain your mattress topper, and consider buying a mattress protector.

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