Is a twin xl right for me?

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If you’re short on space, then absolutely! Twin XL is the same width as a traditional Twin mattress topper but the length of a traditional King mattress topper. This extra room, five inches to be exact, gives taller individuals room to stretch out or an allotted space for a furry friend or extra pillows without giving up precious space in a small apartment or bedroom. Twin XL is also a standard size for dorm room beds, tractor trailer beds, and split kings. 

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college housing

masters in comfort

For most, college means less sleep. We recommend making sure that the sleep that you do get is the best sleep possible. Most folks tend to agree, your college bed left something to be desired, and we agree. Top that uncomfortable mattress with one of our toppers and instantly improve the quality of your sleep. Comfort aside, this topper allows for an extra layer of protection and cleanliness between you and the basic dormatory mattress.

girl sleeping on serene topper in dorm 0m2a0900
girl sleeping on serene topper in dorm 0m2a0900

adjustable frames & split-king beds

one less thing to fight about

Sleeping with a partner can be difficult. Different bodies have different sleeping needs, particularly when it comes to the firmness of a mattress. The smart ones have figured out the solution: Split King beds! A split king is just two Twin XL beds pushed together (this creates the same dimensions as a traditional king mattress). Tailor your mattresses to suit each of your needs. 

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shutterstock 1878521068 web

Tall kids & teens

get ahead of the growth spurts

This one’s for the parents. We understand how fast growing kids and teens can sprout up and often there’s no reason for the width of a Queen mattress (or even a full). Buying a new mattress at this point would be a waste but as a good parent you still want them to be comfortable, right? Not a problem. We recommend the Select High Density mattress topper. Not only will this provide comfort but it will also help to ease those growing pains. 

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jeswin thomas 8nhqx4zi9wk unsplash web

vacation rentals

5 stars only

Renting out a house? The more it sleeps, the better. Many vacation rentals will put two or three beds in a room and the Twin XL allows you to do this without making your taller guests uncomfortable. Get a different mattress topper for each bed and let your guests choose which one they like the best! We guarantee that better sleep will up your reviews which means more bookings and more money for you! A good place to start is with the Serene Hybrid Mattress Topper- it combines memory foam and a pillow top cover to give a little something to everyone.


Tractor Trailer Cabins

Work hard, sleep hard

After a long days work, you deserve to melt into a comfortable mattress, and let’s be honest: a good mattress in a Tractor Trailer is rare, til now. Just slip on a topper and go. We recommend the Select High Density to help ease those aches and pains after a long haul. Wake up feeling pain free and refreshed, ready to take on the day. 

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zetong li mvqtumqh c0 unsplash web

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  • Change the way you sleep in a huge way. For a limited time, when you buy our insanely soft organic cotton sheet set, we will give you our award winning select high density mattress topper completely free of charge. You're not going to want to miss this, so get it while it lasts.

original diagram desktop background
original diagram desktop background

A Twin XL is 38"x80" and a traditional Twin is 38"x75" - this means that the Twin XL is 5 inches longer.

A Twin XL is 38"x80" and a Full is 60"x80" 

A Twin XL is 38"x80" and a Queen is 60"x80"

A Twin XL is 38"x80" which is the same length and exactly half the width of a traditional King mattress. Two twin XL mattresses side by side is the same size as a King.

A Twin XL is 38"x80" - this means that it's the same length as a king mattress and will allow for leg room for taller individuals. It is quite narrow though so keep your frame in mind.

A Twin is 38"x75" and a Twin XL is 38"x80" so if you need the extra leg room for yourself or a pet, we recommend the Twin XL! If you're smaller framed, a Twin should be fine.