How Can the Golden Rule Fall Short

The philosophy of treating people the way we want to be treated has a nice ring to it, and it goes a long way when it comes to living in peace and harmony with others. After all, it is the golden rule, and I’m certainly not going to mess with that.

However, for the Top Producer, the rule of treating people the way you would like to be treated, although well-intentioned, doesn’t just fall short; it misses the mark entirely because it represents the wrong starting point. 

When it comes to effectively serving our customers, our starting point and primary focus are, and always needs to remain, on filling, satisfying, and then exceeding customer needs. 

At any given moment, our customers will have different wants and needs and demonstrate a variety of personality traits and behaviors to fill them. 

The key to persuading customers to work with you rather than against you - which is the only way to make the sale - is to fill their tangible needs with products and services.

Then, we must exceed their intangible needs by treating them the way they want to be treated at that very moment!

Customers will not move ahead and purchase unless they feel they are making the right or best decision. Furniture does not create these feelings; people do. And Top Producers do it better than the rest of the pack. 

And while these people may make it look easy or natural, experience has taught me that delivering this level of performance is a skill that we all can and should work on every chance we get, which means starting with the very next customer that walks in the door. 

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