Industry Sales Leadership

Leadership is one of the most popular topics discussed by professionals, and for good reason. Leaders create strategies, identify resources to pursue them, build support inside and outside of their organization and stand on front-lines answering questions about successes and failures alike.

While most definitions of leadership may share common elements, the exact definition is written by each leader and the actions taken to accomplish their mission.  

When we think about leaders in the furniture industry, we tend to think of the iconic owners that have created a business within their community, built a brand customers trust and evolved products, services and strategies to meet shifting consumer demand.

But leadership can, and should exist, at every level of an organization. In this industry, consistent sales leadership has become the hallmark of businesses that have continued to thrive over the past 25 years despite significant changes in consumer preference and purchase behavior.

These sales leaders have become responsible for much more than facilitating  transactions.  They play a critical role in maintaining a brand’s credibility, understanding current trends and individual needs and building lifetime value for the organization through each customer and their sphere of influence.

As the furniture industry continues to embrace the transition to a hybrid (online + offline) shopping model, the influence of sales leadership has become increasingly important.  Established leaders are being asked to anticipate what's around the corner and prove their value once again by connecting with consumers through their devices…well beyond the front doors of the showroom.

Their relationship building and product knowledge is being challenged in new ways, but the most deft among them continue delivering results.  These leaders have embraced the new way of conducting business and in doing so strengthened relationships with consumers and their business’s relevance within the consumer purchase journey.  Quite the feat.

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