The Top 10 Bedroom Decorating Mistakes

You’ve seen the picture-perfect bedrooms on Pinterest and Instagram. These carefully curated rooms are the work of expert designers. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could replicate your favorite designs in your bedroom? It may seem daunting, but it doesn’t have to be. 

These ten tips will help you avoid the most common bedroom decorating mistakes according to interior designers.

1. Limited Lighting 

Ceiling lights are meant to be ambient light that illuminates the entire room. They tend to be unflattering and as bright as possible. While this light is great for certain times of the day and activities, this shouldn't be your only type of light in the bedroom. Task lighting is a more focused light that is perfect for your bedside nightstand. It is great for reading in bed and transitioning into sleep mode. Accent lighting is also nice to have for when you wake up in the middle of the night and need to use the restroom. This is decorative lighting that provides just enough light to move through the room safely. You could add LED lighting to the underside of the bed, along the crown molding, in the ceiling, or below shelving.  

2. Lacking Personality 

Your bedroom is your private space, so this is where you can express your style and taste without fear or judgment from your guests. Surround yourself with the things that you love the most and put you in a positive mood. Perhaps you find it motivating to hang pictures of your goals. Or maybe you have created artwork that you are especially proud of. Display mementos from all of the places you have traveled to. Ultimately, it is your bedroom, and it is up to you what you include in your bedroom decor. 

3. Cheap Linens 

The average American spends 36 years throughout their lifetime lounging in bed. You should spend this time lying on comfortable bedding. Bargain sheets are scratchy and hot, making it uncomfortable to sleep on them. They also have more construction, so they don’t last. Invest in high-quality bedding that will look and feel great. Coordinate your sheets, comforter, and a decorative throw blanket. They do not have to all be the same color. Mix patterns and colors that complement each other for a coordinated look. 

4. Lacking Furniture 

A bed and dresser are basic furniture pieces that people have, but they are not the only pieces. You need somewhere to sit that is not the bed. Your brain associates locations and activities, so you should only sleep in your bed. You need a bench, stool, or armchair as available seating in your bedroom. Add a small desk or bedside table for a place to set down drinks, plates, a book, or your laptop. 

5. Too Much Technology 

The blue light emitted from technology screens negatively affects your sleep cycle. This leads to less deep sleep and shorter sleeping time. You are left feeling tired and can never catch up as the cycle starts again each night. The best solution is to avoid having any technology in your bedroom. However, most of us do not want to commit to this. Instead, look for ways you can limit your exposure to technology in the evening. Have a nightstand with a drawer that you can place your phone inside. Place your other technology on timers so that it turns off at a certain time. 

6. Showroom Ready 

Don’t walk into your local furniture store and buy an entire set. Sure, everything matches, but it matches too much. You want the furniture in your bedroom to coordinate without looking exactly the same. Choose elements that you can carry throughout all of the furniture. Perhaps you choose rustic-inspired dark wood furniture. 

7. Oversized Bed 

We all want a California king bed that we can stretch out on. But not all of us have a bedroom large enough to support such a large bed. A California king bed measures 72 x 84 inches. That is six by seven feet! If your bedroom is 10x10 feet, that doesn’t leave you enough room for a dresser and still be able to walk around the bed comfortably. 

Another common bedroom decorating mistake is choosing an appropriately sized bed, but then putting it on an oversized bed frame. A stately four-poster bed just doesn’t make sense in a compact bedroom. It closes the room in and can make the room feel uncomfortable and cramped. 

8. Forgetting the Rug 

Nothing is more luxurious than having your toes sink into a plush rug as you get out of bed in the morning. It’s like a soft hug that cradles your feet and gently helps you wake up in the morning. A rug is especially a must-have if you have hardwood, laminate, vinyl, or tile floors. These are cold and hard, which feels jarring when you’re still sleepy-eyed. You could have one large rug that covers the entire floor under your bed. Or you could place two smaller rugs on either side of your bed. 

9. No Signature Scent 

Smells can change your mood and mental state. Certain smells can also trigger memories. Adding a relaxing scent to your bedroom can help you reduce stress, calm your mind, or think of your favorite memories. Add a scented candle, diffuser, incense, or even fresh flowers to create a signature scent in your bedroom. Try lavender for stress reduction, lemon for clarity, rosemary for memory, or peppermint for energy. 

10. Decorative Pillow Overload 

Don’t put too many decorative pillows on your bed. Having a few pillows on your bed can add to the overall aesthetic of the bedroom. These are the pillows that you arrange on top of and in front of your sleeping pillows. Your sleeping pillows should have the right amount of support for your head and neck to reduce the stress on your body. These pillows are about form and function. Decorative pillows can be made from more expensive fabrics with bolt patterns and trim. 

Start fixing your bedroom decorating mistakes by outfitting your bed with high-quality linens.

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