5 "Most Awake" States in the US Based on Coffee

The United States is the biggest buyer of coffee in the world. However, Americans are not the biggest coffee drinkers. While several countries rank above the US in per capita cups drank, the US still produced impressive numbers at 327.4 cups of coffee per capita in 2020. To reach this number, some states have a closer relationship with coffee than others. 

So what are the most awake states in the US? Let’s find out. 

1. California

Most Coffee Shops Per Square Mile 

Head to the state of California and visit San Francisco. You will notice an unusually high number of coffee shops. While Washington has the most per capita, San Francisco claims the most per square mile. There are 8.3 coffee shops in each square mile.  

Highest Percentage of Adult Coffee Drinkers 

It should be no surprise that all of those coffee shops in California have also become home to the highest percentage of adult coffee drinkers. Santa Ana, Anaheim, and San Francisco area are in the top four. 

Highest Rate of Home Coffee Maker Ownership 

The top two cities in the country with the highest rate of coffee makers at home are in California. Fremont and Irvine are at the top of this list, which makes sense considering these are the cities not topping the lists of coffee shop frequency. 

Highest Spend Per Household 

People living in California spend the most on their coffee consumption per household. Those living in Fremont, San Francisco, and San Jose spend the most not only in the state but in the country. 

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2. Hawaii

Coffee Production 

When it comes to coffee production, Hawaii is the only state with an established coffee farming industry. Originating 200 years ago, it has become a respected force in the coffee industry. In 2020, the state produced 5.12 million pounds of coffee

While not an official state Puerto Rico also has a rich history in coffee production. Unfortunately, Hurricane Maria wiped out the majority of the trees, which has led to revitalization efforts. Hopefully, with special care focused on revitalization, the industry can come back for the tiny island. 

Most Google Searches 

Hawaii tops the Google Trends charts for having the most searches relating to coffee. The reason for this could vary from the history of coffee production to where to find the nearest coffee house. With Hawaii’s rich history in coffee production and high tourism numbers, it is no surprise that the state ranks number one in coffee-related Google searches. 

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3. New York

The Most Coffee Shops 

New York has the honor of claiming the most coffee shops. This is a title that most people would assume would go to Seattle, but that would be incorrect. There are an impressive 764 coffee shops in the city of New York. Seattle can only claim 337. Take a walk through the town, and you will quickly notice that there is a coffee shop on practically every corner. 

Highest Consumption Rate 

Is it a surprise that the city that never sleeps with the most coffee shops also has the highest consumption? The people living in or visiting New York contribute to consuming more than any other. 

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4. Washington

Most Coffee Shops Per Capita

The state of Washington claims the city with the highest coffee shops per capita. You will have no trouble finding a cup of joe when visiting Vancouver, WA, with an average of 54.1 per 100,000 people. This is the highest ratio in the country for coffee shops per population. There are 2.1 coffee shops per square mile. That is like having a coffee shop on every block. 

5. Oregon: Most Coffee Manufacturers 

Despite other states having the most significant demand and consumption, Oregon is the home base for most coffee manufacturers. This gathering of manufacturers led to the city of Portland is known as a hub of coffee culture. Ironically, the city does not rank at the top for any of the other statistics on this list. 

Enjoy Your Coffee Responsibly 

As you can see, you can not simply rank states based on one single metric and get a complete understanding of America's relationship with coffee. While one state has the most coffee shops, another has the most per capita. Then there is one state with the most coffee drinkers overall, but that is not the state that consumes the most coffee. What we can say is that Americans love their coffee and that all of this coffee drinking can lead to some tired individuals. It is essential to have a solid night’s sleep so that you are refreshed and ready for the day, making you less dependent on your morning cup of coffee to wake you up. 

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