How Work is Affecting Your Sleep

We’re probably all aware of the impact that a good or bad night’s sleep can have on work performance. For example, if you’re exhausted from a bad night’s sleep, you may not be on your A-game. On the contrary, if you’re coming in after a great rest, then you may feel like taking on the world! But today we will be discussing the opposite- what effect is your work having on your sleep?

Work-life balance is a commonly used term these days. Are you making sure that your employers are respecting your need to disconnect, unwind, and take time for yourself, friends, and family? Careers that require more overtime or expect you to be constantly connected via email or a platform like Slack are harmful to this work-life balance and promote more anxiety and insomnia than other careers.

If you work remotely or telecommute, your sleep may be in danger. People who work from home typically work when they're under the weather, out on vacation or stick around for unpaid overtime. All of these may take a toll on sleep and cause telecommuters to lose valuable rest time! If you work for yourself, versus telecommuting for a company, you may be in even more trouble. People who are self-employed or freelancing tend to report feeling “always-on” and have worries that people working for a company may not have. Since typically every single responsibility falls on the individual, there are higher rates of stress and anxiety than other professions.

Lastly, if you’re in shift work, you are far more likely to have a disrupted sleep schedule. Working opposite of the traditional 9-5 schedule is proven to be harmful to our rest; this is because keeping yourself on a daily routine is integral to having a healthy sleep schedule and good sleep hygiene. Your body and mind fall asleep and stay asleep easier when they are used to lying down and rising at the same time each day. 

If you’re having problems with your sleep, it might be worth looking into your job or career and seeing if there are any changes you can make to support your best possible sleep health!

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