Exercise and Sleep

If you have a problem falling or staying asleep at night, one thing you may be able to incorporate into your daily routine is more exercise. Working out is proven to help people sleep easier and longer and is a simple solution for your sleep problems. Below are some tips for using exercise to improve your sleep quality.

  • Working out reduces your stress, which may help you fall asleep faster. Many people have trouble falling asleep at night because their mind is wandering or continuing to think about your to-do list. Exercise will help to quiet your mind for the night!
  • Exercise earlier in the day or mid-afternoon for the best sleep. Working out too close to bedtime might actually work against you, stimulating your mind and keeping you awake. 
  • If you really enjoy movement later in the day, try something simple like relaxing yoga, stretching or an evening walk to keep you active without over stimulating your brain.

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