Free Ways to Help Dad Get the Best Sleep Ever This Father’s Day

Download Some Sleep Apps to His Phone
  • Sleep Cycle: an alarm clock app that helps you to wake up when it’s most convenient for your circadian rhythm. This app will make sure you wake up in your most awake state closest to the time you’ve set your alarm for, so that dad wakes up peaceful and easily!
  • Calm: an app useful for meditations and stories, but for sleep they have noise settings that your dad can use to pretend like he’s falling asleep in a tent with light rainfall or by the beach. Great for an outdoorsy dad that will appreciate the peaceful sleep.
  • Relax Melodies: your dad can customize white noise to fall asleep too.

Take Him for a Morning Hike

  • Early morning exercise is great for sleep health. Taking your dad for a morning hike will ensure he gets great rest for father’s day
  • No doubt your dad will also appreciate this gift because you guys can spend some time together. You will make your dad happy and no purchase necessary!
Gift Him a Book That You’ve Already Read
  • Reading before bed is a great way to relax your brain and wind down for the day.
  • If you give your dad a book that you read and loved, you can both share your thoughts afterward and have some great connection and conversation!

Make Him Dinner

  • Cook your dad a delicious meal with high-fat (good fat) ingredients that are proven to aid in a great nights sleep.
  • Make a fish like spinach with black beans and roasted broccoli for a meal to share together that will ensure good sleep for you and your dad.

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