Don’t Let Halloween Candy Play Tricks on Your Sleep

Americans love their candy and use Halloween to go all out. Each year, Americans spend $2.6 billion on candy in preparation for the big day. Children and adults alike end up eating more candy during the spooky season. 

All of that candy has its drawbacks, though. Sure, we are all familiar with sugar’s effect on teeth, but candy can do more damage than this. Consuming increased amounts of candy can negatively impact your sleep. 

Sugar Means Energy 

According to the University of Alabama at Birmingham of Public Health, the average candy haul from trick or treating contains 3,500 to 7,000 calories. This is about three cups of sugar. It would take a 100-pound child 14.5 hours of hard play or 44 hours of walking to burn the equivalent of those calories. 

Adults are not immune from these effects. Those mini-sized pieces of Halloween candy make it easy to mindlessly snack, and you end up eating more candy and calories than you realize. This is made worse when you find yourself late-night snacking. 

How Sugar Affects Sleep 

Your body spends hours after you eat candy processing the sugar. The sugar triggers your body to stay awake. The rise in blood sugar makes people and children seem hyper or rambunctious after eating candy. It also makes you struggle to fall back to sleep. Even when you are sleeping, your body may struggle to achieve restorative deep sleep. 

Sugar Creates a Cycle 

You eat an excessive amount of candy and find yourself struggling to sleep. The next day you feel lethargic, and munch on more candy for a quick pick me up. Unfortunately, that sugar is going to negatively impact the next night’s sleep. You are now stuck in a cycle of poor sleep and ever-increasing cravings for sugar. 

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