Fall Bedding Basics: How to Transition Your Bedroom From Summer to Fall

Summer is officially over, and it’s time to embrace the season of changing leaves and pumpkin spice. The cooler temperatures can be a welcome relief to the blistering sun and stifling heat of summer. However, they can also leave you feeling a bit too chilly during the night. When you feel this happening, it is time to review the fall bedding basics. Follow these tips and transition your bed from summer to fall.  

Throw on the Throw Blankets 

Fall is the transition period between summer and winter. The days start to get shorter, and then temperatures start to drop. The problem is that it isn’t a steady drop. Adding layers to your bed helps to make it the perfect amount of coziness. You can spread out more blankets on the chilly nights and fold them neatly away on the warmer nights. Having several cozy blankets layered on your bed creates a sense of warmth in the room. For the biggest impact, choose thicker blankets made out of wool, fleece, or faux fur and Sherpa

Switch Your Duvet or Comforter 

The lightweight comforter or duvet insert was perfect for summer. It was breathable and kept you cool. However, it is time to replace it with a medium-weight insert or comforter. Doing this will give you a bit more insulation and warmth during fall’s cooler temperatures. A medium fill is 600 premium weight down. Don’t skip this weight, and try to use your winter weight comforter or insert. These are too warm for fall and can make you uncomfortable. 

Warm Up the Color Palette 

Summer colors tend to be bright and lively. Fall colors are a bit more earthy and subtle. Change the color palette of your bedding to reflect this change in the seasons. A reversible down alternative comforter is perfect for this. You can have the light shade facing up during the summer. Then flip it over and have the darker grey or tan showing for the fall. 

Make the same changes with your sheets. Put away the bright white and light-colored sheets. Instead, put neutral-colored sheets on your bed. They could be in shades of grey, beige, or sage green, or rusty orange. These nature-inspired colors reflect the colors of fall. 

Add Textures 

Certain materials are associated with summer. Lightweight cotton and linen are classic summer fabrics because they are light and breathable. However, you should switch to something slightly warmer for fall. A velvet comforter can add a sense of luxury and warmth to your bed. Brushed cotton flannel sheets are perfect for making your bed feel warmer. You can also add decorative throw pillows that are made from fabrics that have a textured weave. 

Add a Topper 

The right topper on your mattress can add a feeling of comfort and luxury as it perfectly cradles your body. While they don't specifically make your bed warmer, they can provide you with the extra comfort and coziness you need to curl up and sink into bed during the fall months. A high-quality topper will cushion your body while also having the right amount of breathability. This prevents your body from overheating. Adding a topper can also add an extra layer of protection for your mattress, helping it to last longer. 

Transition Your Bed for Fall 

There’s no perfect time to transition your bed from summer to fall. However, when you start to feel the temperatures drop, this can signal it’s time to start thinking about these fall bedding basics. Changing your bedding can help you stay warm and cozy throughout the cooler evening temperatures. With warmer fabrics and multiple layers, you can adjust what you use each night with the changing temperatures. 

Outfit your bed with high-quality sheets, comforter, and throw blankets that will create a warm and cozy place to curl up at night.

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