Choose the right mattress topper for your sofa bed or futon.

Convertible sofas make it possible to add an extra bed in a home that may not otherwise have the space. Occasionally, in small spaces,  they may even be used as the main bed. Whether for you or a guest, it is important to have quality bedding for quality sleep. If you’re struggling with this, you can upgrade your sleeping experience with a mattress topper. An easy solution to a big problem.


Why choose a mattress topper for your convertible sofa bed?

The mattresses of convertible sofas have to be foldable so they rarely have the same quality or comfort as a traditional mattress that many of us are used to. This can be problematic. Depending on your sensitivity, even occasionally sleeping on this type of mattress can make it difficult to sleep and may even lead to back, neck, and hip pain.

Another downside is that the mattress can flatten out over time and the metal structure of the couch can be felt through the mattress. To remedy this in a simpler way, you can buy a mattress topper rather than an entirely new mattress. Most toppers are adaptable to this type of bed and can greatly improve the comfort of your convertible sofa.

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Which mattress topper to choose for a sofa bed or a futon?

Several types of mattress toppers are available to improve the comfort of your sofa bed. The two main contenders are memory foam mattress toppers and quilted mattress toppers (either without memory foam or hybrid versions that have both).

The quilted mattress topper is the most common because it is often thinner than foam based ones. If the mattress of your product is a little too firm, it will provide you with the softness necessary for your comfort without hindering the closing of your convertible sofa. We suggest the Bamboo Quilted mattress pad with silky soft fabric and an ultra plush quilted pattern.

The second option is the memory foam mattress topper. Bringing more comfort and support than the simple quilted mattress topper, it will make your sleeping area significantly more comfortable and aid in pressure relief for a high quality sleeping experience. 

However, care must be taken that the mattress topper does not interfere with the closing of your convertible sofa. It is always possible to purchase a thicker mattress topper and to store it separately from your sofa bed but if you want to leave the mattress topper on the sofa bed, thickness must me considered. We also suggest opening it every once in a while to reduce the risk of crease marks on the memory foam. We recommend the reflex mattress topper as it can fold to be fairly flat. This mattress topper will also relieve pressure points and contribute to the alignment of the spine without creating too much sink.

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Please note

Whichever type of mattress topper you choose, make sure it is not too thick so that you can close your sofa bed properly (we recommend a maximum of 5cm).



We recommend a mattress topper without memory foam if your sofa bed is intended for occasional sleeping. On the other hand, a mattress topper made of memory foam can be a good option if it is used as a regular bedding and will significantly increase your comfort levels and spinal alignment.

And above all, take care of your mattress topper! (see our article: how to maintain a mattress topper )

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