Cold Wire Pillow

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The Cold Wire pillow delivers plush, cooling support and is offered in three lofts to maximize comfort and accommodate your favorite sleep position. 

The thin loft has a knife edge design while the low and high loft versions are offered in a gusseted design making it well suited for all sleep positions.  Unique temperature yarns deflect moisture away from its surface and absorb the cool air that surrounds us keeping the pillow cool and dry.

The removable cover can be washed to keep your pillow hygienic & dirt-free for years to come.

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Composition: 83% Polyester / 17% Polyethylene

Manufacturing Origin: Imported

Care: See the Pillow section of our Care page for specific set-up & laundering instructions of this product

Loft Sizing:

Thin: 26” x 18” x 4”

Low: 26” x 18” x 5.5”

High: 25” x 18” x 7”

    Cold Wire Pillow

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    3 loft levels

    cool & comfy

    cold wire pillows
    3 loft levels

    3 different
    loft levels

    cooling icon

    cold wire fabric

    pressure points



    super plush
    memory foam


    washable cover

    photo of a corner of the high loft cold wire pillow

    pressure relief

    conforming comfort

    Dual-layered design provides superior support with our clustered memory foam and conforms, cradles, and relieves pressure. The clustered foam is comprised of an ideal mix of denser and resilient foams, striking a perfect balance of give and support.

    always on the cool side of the pillow

    cold wire fabric

    Breathable, Cool-to-the-touch, and the Cold Wire fabric represents the pinnacle of textile temperature technology. The yarns have been upgraded to offer a polyethylene face fabric that absorbs the ambient temperature (much cooler typically than our bodies). We’ve used this yarn to complement the increase in research and awareness linking sleep quality to cooler sleeping temperatures.

    photo of snow covered hills
    cold wire snow background desktop

    removable cover

    easy to clean

    At a hefty 380 grams/m2 in weight, the fabric has excellent tensile strength and resists abrasions or wear. Designed specifically to outlast other competing fabrics and unusually durable for a knitted jacquard construction. The cover is also removable, machine-washable, and hypoallergenic. When it’s time for a cleaning, simply unzip, slip off the cover and drop it in the wash.

    Front-load washing machine with door open to see mattress pad inside ready for laundering

    We stand behind everything we make by offering a 90-Day Guarantee.

    We believe in our quality, so we provide a 3-Year Warranty on all of our products.

    Every single ViscoSoft product receives free shipping, from coast to coast.

    We work hard to have our products delivered to your door as quickly as possible.


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