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Even Private-Label Programs Can’t Sell Themselves

You may be familiar with the slogan “it’s the economy, stupid” that dates back to the Clinton election campaign and was coined by strategist James Carville. But when it comes to succeeding in the furniture and mattresses industry, a better phrase may be “it’s the selling process, and that process needs to be strategic!”

Consumers believe that private-label programs represent a good value and that purchasing private-label products makes them a smart shopper. With consumers in mind, and as recently reported in Furniture Today, industry leaders have recognized not just the value in, but the necessity of expanding their private-label lines, and that is exactly what they are doing.

When introducing a private-label program to consumers, simply printing your company’s name on the package isn’t going to cut it. And, of course, no program or product can sell itself.

Private-label programs are the result of the retailer and manufacturer working together and reflect the quality and value of that relationship. These programs can provide many advantages. One of the most important advantages these programs should provide is a strategic sales advantage.

To sell a private-label program effectively, the manufacturer must work with your team to provide an effective and on-going sales training program that is built on proven principles and customized for your needs.

Your sales team needs to know how to:

  • Introduce the private-label merchandise to establish a standard for quality and price without undermining the value of other lines on your floor.
  • Use product exclusivity to create a competitive edge over the competition without making the customer think that you are afraid that they might decide to visit the competition.
  • Explain how the line includes a commitment to delivering a higher level of customer service without overselling or making promises your company can’t keep.

With several top one-hundred retailers already on-board and select retailers carrying our ViscoSoft brand, we are confident that companies who visit us at Market will be interested in learning more about the many advantages of private label programs, product exclusivity and how we can work together to develop an effective sales training program.

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