Sleep Expert Series - Pillow Comfort

Feather pillows have been used for centuries but recent studies have delivered evidence that pillows with more structure have the ability to increase comfort. 

Feather pillows and memory foam pillows were tested against an orthopedic pillow in 10 male and 10 female subjects (age 21-30).  The subjects laid on their backs for 30 mins with each of the three pillows.  Upon completing 30 mins with each pillow three measures were taken from each subject.  The cervical curve, temperature of the pillow surface and a pillow comfort inquiry.  Across all three measures the orthopedic pillow delivered scores representative of greater comfort.  Greater cervical curve measures, lower temperatures and higher comfort scores.  While many studies have been done on the topic of a pillow’s impact on sleep comfort, these findings suggest that an orthopedic pillow is worth considering if you are not getting the quality sleep you expect from a traditional pillow type.

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