Our Favorite Ways To Style a Throw Blanket

We all know about throw blankets: those pint-sized blankets that just kinda get “thrown” wherever to keep you warm while you lounge. But the savvy decorator knows that this little wonder can serve a double purpose: it can keep you warm on those cooler nights, sure, but it can also add visual depth to just about any space with a great deal of versatility. We don’t want these fall must-haves to go unnoticed so we’d like to show you a few new ways to style your go-to cuddle buddy.

Let’s start in the bedroom. While the bed is an obvious choice for your new throw blanket, it’s obvious for a reason: it’s a good location. Below are three options to get you started.

grey blanket folded and laid on foot of bed

The Classic Fold: You really can’t go wrong with this one. First, take your blanket and fold it using three even sections then place it at the foot of your bed. And voila! Instantly more comfortable.

grey blanket draped over foot of bed

Boho-Chic Flow: If a bed could be naturally beautiful, this would be its style. To achieve it just simply drape your throw over the bed to create a comfortable-yet-stylish textured look.

grey blanket folded and placed at foot of bed and layered over folded orange blanket

Lovely Layering: This look adds a great deal of warmth and inviting comfort to your bedroom. Choose one regular-sized blanket (dependent on the size of your mattress), fold it in half, and place it at the foot of your bed. On top of this place your classically folded throw and you’ve got some lovely layers.

While the bed is a true classic when it comes to throw blankets, it’s only one of many choices. We’ve all been sitting in the living room watching TV or chatting with friends and family when those pesky goosebumps take over. No need to fret, just throw a blanket on and keep living your best life. When it’s not in use- here are some ways to show it off.

Folded grey blanket placed over edge of couch and covered with throw pillows

Dressed-to-Impress: Wanna impress the in-laws? Use this classic fold for an inviting yet put-together look.

grey throw blanket draped over arm and back of couch

Quintessential Throw: We dare your friends and family not to relax with this one. Add some comfort to your couch by simply draping the blanket over the back, arm, and front cushion. Throw some cute pillows on top for a little extra personality. And the best part about this one? Messy is good.

a stack of folded blankets in a repurposed vintage cart

Repurposed Vintage: This is great for those of us who like those unique finds. Go thrifting or spend the day at the flea market with loved ones and pick up something to hold enough blankets for the whole family.

folded blanket laid over seat and back of chair

Comfy Chair Fold: Again, you can’t go wrong with this classic fold and when you rest it on the back of the chair- it practically invites you to sit in it.

grey blanket draped over back, seat, and arm of chair

Cool & Casual: Laid back and homey, this style is guaranteed to make your space ten times cozier. To achieve this look, fold your throw blanket in half and lay it over the back and seat of your chair; then simply scrunch up the side to expose the arm and create some texture — and there you have it — a perfectly cozy little chair.

blankets folded in a grey basket

Peek-A-Boo: This look is perfect for so many reasons but the best part about this one is that it’s mobile. It can be in your bedroom one day, and by the couch or fireplace or in the kids' room the next. And it holds enough blankets for everyone to keep warm. Just take your favorite throws (or full-sized blankets), fold them up, and toss them in — let a corner of one of them peek out over the top of the basket to remind you of just how cuddly it is.

grey blanket draped and hung on coat rack

The Welcome Throw: Sometimes getting the perfect drape can be hard, but you can still get that cute, effortless look by doing something simple- like hanging your throw blanket on a coat rack and welcoming people into your home with something soft and inviting.

folded blankets draped over a ladder

Layered Ladder: This is another easily achievable style and can be placed in any room of the house. It is often best when layered, but a single blanket can create a cute, minimal look as well. To create this look, fold your blankets with the classic fold and drape it over your choice of ladder rod

The moral of the story is that throw blankets are fantastic for any room at any time of year, so you may wanna stock up. They provide warmth and comfort while in use and while they’re not being used- they make a house feel more like home. The insanely soft faux fur blanket that we used for these photos can be found here in three versatile colors. Happy decorating!


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