Mattress Toppers - Best Holiday Gift Ideas

A Stanley Quencher...they have 3 already.  Drunk Elephant skin care...too personal.  Therabody massage gun...will they actually use it?  Yeti portable cooler bag...same...April through August only.  Air Fryer or Instapot...even if they don't have one...feels like I'm two years late. 

You need a gift that shows how much you care. One that will be enjoyed and appreciated throughout the year.  Ever consider a mattress topper?

Mattress toppers are thoughtful, practical, often-overlooked, gifts for the holidays. Before you dismiss the idea and acquiesce to the pickleball paddles, take 45 seconds to skim below.  We all sleep, right? less. Even the Mila air purifier in the corner cant say that. Here's to value and versatility for beds of all sizes!

Twin beds. Bunk beds are a fun sleeping arrangement for two or more kids but the mattresses they come with are the same. Toppers offers personalized comfort for each bunk. 

Daybeds are stylish furniture found in smaller living spaces or guest rooms where they can serve as both a seating and sleeping area. Several models are outfitted with inexpensive, twin mattresses. Enhance the sleep quality of your loved ones daybed by adding a mattress topper for an extra layer of comfort and support.

Long-term medical and rehabilitation facilities usually offer clients a standard, twin bed. Create a touch of luxury and personalized comfort during their stay with a mattress topper. Doing so can greatly improve the recipient's attitude and daily well-being.

Twin XL beds.  The most common mattress size in college and university dorms is the twin XL.  These mattresses are not known for comfort and have been used by many students over the years. Premium mattress toppers, especially those with a washable cover, create a clean, comfortable space for students in search of the quality sleep necessary to take advantage of all college has to offer.

Some may say that split king beds with adjustable frames saved their marriage.  More realistically, this set-up affords those that sleep together the opportunity to do so in customized comfort.  Twin XL mattresses are exactly one-half of a king bed.  If your partner has been looking for more support or a slightly softer feel, a Twin XL mattress topper for their side might be the perfect surprise under the tree.

"They grow up so fast…and so much!" If you have a tall teen at home, you’ve likely switched them to a twin XL mattress so their feet don’t hang off the end of the bed.  A new twin XL mattress was probably not in the budget a few years ago. Fast forward a year or two. The child is now an inch taller and a few pounds heavier and the economy mattress you purchased is losing support. A topper with high density memory foam will have your 17-year-old sleeping like a baby again, without costing a lot.

Full beds. Full-size mattresses are popular with young adults living alone for the first time. A place to themselves is exciting and expensive.  New homeowners prefer to spend on items friends and family will actually see when visiting. This could mean they spent less on a mattress.  Get them back to the sleep they remember from home with a premium mattress topper.  A topper that looks as good as our Serene Hybrid is a truly magical gift in a new place.

Studio apartments are fun, open floor plans frequently found in big cities. Big cities are also known for high rent and less space.  A full-size bed saves a couple precious inches in homes like this.  A new full-size mattress topper for your friend or relative is a gift they’ll enjoy year-round. Your mindful gift also saves them a few dollars to spend on all the fun activities outside their window.

Everyone has slept on a sofa bed or an air mattress at some point. These ‘beds’ are a frugal hack to help friends save on accommodations when they visit.  Many sofa beds and air mattresses are full size.  But full size and empty comfort does not make for a good night’s sleep. Help your friend uplevel the budget-friendly sleep arrangements in their home with a mattress topper for these spaces. No one will ever know the gift was given to them but meant for you!

Queen beds. Most homes in the U.S. have a queen mattress. And 2/3 of these homes own a pet…likely a dog or a cat.  This holiday season the perfect gift for your animal-lover may be a topper.  Toppers add comfort to any bed in the home, primary or guest bedroom alike.  They also protect the mattress beneath from pet accidents, claw marks, chewing and dirt.  If you gift a mattress topper and your friend calls unexpectedly in August telling you how much they still appreciate your thoughtfulness, you’ll know the topper and it’s cover just saved them from the expense of a new mattress.

Queen mattresses are a popular choice with new couples.  Young adults are always trying to save money for something…a wedding, a home, a baby, a car.  The queen mattress they are sleeping on might be a hand-me-down or an affordable model the household budget could accommodate. Surprise them with a memory foam mattress topper with a cooling cover and you are guaranteed to be invited to every holiday party they ever host.

Need a gift for a real estate tycoon? Maybe they own an Airtbnb, a VRBO or several! Help your loved-one become a super-host on these platforms with the gift of a mattress topper.  Most bedrooms in short-term rentals include a queen or a king bed. Having to outfit these rooms can be expensive, but nothing is more important to each guest than a comfortable bed. Adding mattress toppers to average mattresses will have guests posting, sharing and promoting the great sleep they received during their stay. So much so that you might just get a discount when it’s time to book a vacation at one of these properties.

King beds. A king mattress is a big investment, and you expect it to last for many years. Sometimes the way a mattress feels in the store is not the way it feels at home. Or it loses support faster than we’d like. Whatever the reason, it’s less comfortable than you remember and turning you into a Grinch. Santa’s elves can help! A king-sized mattress topper will recreate the luxurious sleep environment you remember at a fraction of the cost, immediately returning a holiday smile to everyone’s face.

If you sleep with a partner, you’re lucky.  But some partners move around more than we’d like. You purchased a king bed to give each other as much room as possible, but it’s not enough.  Their movements ripple across the surface of the mattress and disturb you. Premium memory foam adapts to each person’s body weight and shape. In doing so, it absorbs the reverberations that easily travel across traditional mattresses.  Consider a memory foam mattress topper if you are in search of a silent night this season.

Nothing beats snuggling in bed with your children on a snowy day. But if the kiddos are in bed with mom and dad on a regular basis a mattress topper is worth considering.  Toppers with cooling covers keep the bed temperature comfortable even with an extra bedfellow.  The washable cover will also protect the mattress if the child had too much gingerbread and hot chocolate the night before.  A topper will also protect the mattress below on Christmas morning when all the monkeys are jumping on the bed ready to get into the presents downstairs.

Cal King beds. We often buy holiday gifts for our closest friends and family. Knowing that someone sleeps on a Cal King mattress is intimate knowledge.  Use that intel to your advantage this year when coming up with a gift for someone that might seem to have everything.  A mattress topper will add support to any bed.  And more support is usually well-received by taller, larger people.  Gift that person a mattress topper and you won’t need to worry about someone else having the same idea. But, after sleeping on the topper for a year, don’t be surprised if more toppers show up under next year’s tree!

Unique beds.  Moving products across the country has never been more important.  If you have a professional truck driver on your holiday shopping list, a mattress topper is a gift that shows exactly how much you care. Truck drivers need quality sleep!  The safety of our roadways depends on these professionals driving at peak performance.  Give your road warrior a mattress topper with a washable cover.  The premium foam will cradle their body, relieve pressure points and comfort joints that may get stiff from long hours in the cab.  While many semi-trucks can accommodate a Twin XL mattress topper we recommend measuring the dimensions of the sleeper berth mattress to ensure a topper is size compatible.

Speaking of road warriors, RV owners could be considered the amateur cousin of a professional truck driver.  Many RVs come with a short queen mattress that is the same width as the queen but 5 inches shorter.  These mattress are not always as thick and comfortable as the owner’s bed back home.  A mattress topper with a plush cover will help the RV bed offer sleep just like home.

Treehouses have become very elaborate in recent years.  Building a treehouse is a great way for a family to spend time together during and after completion.  But spending too many nights in the treehouse may not sound as wonderful to mom and dad if it means sleeping on a wood floor instead of their comfy bed a few yards away.  Help your kids make their new treehouse ‘insta-famous’ by adding a mattress topper.  They may decide to keep a watch for the reindeer outside next year. 

There you have it, mattress toppers are truly versatile gifts, that bring comfort and joy to various sleeping situations. So, before you rush into other gift ideas, consider the thoughtfulness and practicality of a topper...a gift that speaks volumes about how much you care for someone's well-being. This holiday season, give the gift of restful nights, and you'll see the smiles on your loved ones' faces throughout the year. Sweet dreams and happy holidays to all! 🎁🌟




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