How to Use Your Outdoor Spaces in Cold Weather

Summer is an excellent time to enjoy fresh air, have fun, and appreciate your outdoor space. However, when the cold season approaches, we tend to lock ourselves up and forget how the outdoors feel for some months. That’s mainly due to the assumption that outdoor spaces can’t be comfortable in cold weather. The thought of being forced inside is tougher than ever this year, so we put together this detailed guide to cover some of the ways you can enjoy outdoor spaces in cold weather.

Here are some tips on how to embrace the chill this winter.

Pick the Right Spot

You need to be smart about the space you choose. No one wants exposed winds or an area that isn’t properly lit. Remember that you don’t need a perfect spot. A well-covered location will do the trick. Find a space out of the wind and where the sun hits your home.

That could be your patio or deck. If you’re thinking of creating an outdoor space from scratch, ensure that it’s well ventilated and that the place can serve as a resting place in any season.

An enclosed patio with glass windows is an excellent idea as it delivers extra space to your home. You can use a heat pump or space heater to ensure the place is warm and comfortable. A budget-friendly way to enclose a space is to add curtains. They not only prevent winds from getting into the area, but curtains also make the place feel intimate and cozy.

Warm seating like patio furniture and wicker chairs will add some coziness to space. Find fabrics that are weather-resistant but comfortable.  You can also get fluffy blankets to get some warmth.

Add Warmth to Space

You can use your outdoor space in the cold by adding fire features.  Fire pits or bowls come in different designs to work with your desired ambiance and décor choices, and the smell of a crackling fire adds ambience and nostalgia to your spot. Electric or gas patio heaters are also safe and affordable options for adding heat. The best part is that most of these features blend in well with many outdoor elements

Sources of warmth to consider include:

  • Heated Floors- Having a heated floor makes your outdoor patio more comfortable during the cold season. You can also add plush blankets, pillows, and candles to make the space warm for your guests.

  • Fire Pits-Fire pits provide a convenient place for you and your family or friends to sit and enjoy the outdoor space. You can choose from hundreds of design options depending on your décor preferences and budget. One aspect that makes fire pits unique is that you can place them anywhere you like.

  • Heat Lamps- If you’re looking for something flexible that you can carry around your outdoor space, you may want to check outstanding heat lamps. You can also have a professional install these lamps on the ceiling.

Another creative way to enjoy the space in cold weather is to cook outdoors. Doing this will encourage your guests and family to spend time outdoors as you handle the grill. An added advantage is that the grill will add some warmth to the area.

Opt For Creative and Functional Lighting

Getting functional and creative lighting is an excellent way to get your outdoor space ready for winter. Remember that winter days are short. That means the evenings will be longer, and you need enough lighting to use your outdoor space.

You get to enjoy more time outside and increase safety for you and your family. Some lighting options include outdoor string lighting to brighten your patio or deck. Landscape lighting can help highlight any hazard areas like outdoor walkways and stairways.

Go for different styles that also beautify your space. Walkway lamp posts, granite lamp posts, and a chandelier are excellent options to consider.

Stay away from security lights or spotlights when creating your winter outdoor living space. These lights can be uncomfortably bright.

Cook Outdoors

You don’t have to wait for summer or spring to enjoy outdoor cookout sessions. Winter is an excellent time to create an outdoor kitchen to entertain your guests and have dinner parties with your family.

Cooking outside not only adds warmth to your outdoor space but also enhances your overall dining experience.

However, you need to be careful when designing an outdoor kitchen. The materials you choose should withstand the weather and be durable. Ensure the outdoor kitchen is user-friendly by protecting it from snow or rain. You can get a landscape architect to help you pick a space that will be ideal for your kitchen.

Waterproof furniture that is easy to clean works for outdoor furniture. You should also build a kitchen under a patio cover to protect the appliances from weather elements.

Plant Trees and Shrubs

The cold season comes with gushing and strong winds. These winds may interfere with your comfort when sitting outside. Fortunately, you can prevent this by planting coniferous trees. They help with the prevention of wind, which makes your space comfortable.

You can consult a landscape architect if you are unsure of where the winds are coming from. The architect will also help you find the best space to plant the trees and recommend tree species with wind-blocking capabilities.

Place a Hot Tub to the Patio

You can still enjoy your outdoor space during the chilly weather by installing a hot tub on your patio. All you need is to have towels and robes that your family and friends can use after having a session at the tub.

Don’t forget that location is key when choosing a hot tub location. You don’t want to install it too far, such that people have to go through the cold to get to/from the tub. It’s also a great idea to have an under-the-ground tub instead of building an above-ground one. The tub can be used in all seasons, a significant plus.


You no longer have to avoid spending time outside during the cold season. These are some creative ways to use outdoor spaces in cold weather. Ensure you practice safety precautions when spending time outdoors to prevent accidents.

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