Back to Campus 2024: Why College Students are Selecting a Mattress Topper Now

Future college-goers 🎓 and sleep enthusiasts, are you preparing for dorm life in the fall? Looking for advice on getting the rest you need while away from home? We've got more than a few tips to significantly improve your college sleep experience from the moment you arrive on campus. They start with selecting the best mattress topper for your body type and sleep style. And specifically, why NOW is the right time to snag that dreamy Twin XL or Full XL topper!

First, let's debunk a misconception we hear frequently: "A mattress topper will lose its magic if it remains rolled and compressed in the box for more than a few weeks." Speaking specifically for Viscosoft mattress toppers, this is simply not true! Our premium memory foam is designed to bounce back to life, ensuring the same level of support and comfort whether it's unboxed the day it arrives or several months down the line. We've tested keeping our toppers rolled for more than one year and they still perform as well as toppers produced less than one month ago!  So go ahead and order now with the confidence that your topper will be ready to deliver the ultimate in comfort and support when move-in day finally arrives.

Now, let's address the elephant in the room (or should we say, the box?): odor. We get it, nobody wants their dorm room smelling like a chemical factory. But fear not, because our Certi-pur certified foam is developed to minimize odors when unboxed and be completely odorless after 48 hours. Several of our foams are left unrolled in large blocks for several days after they are produced to allow for most, if not all, off-gassing to occur prior to compression and packaging.  Keeping your topper snug in the box for an extended period will not increase any unpleasant odors, but we still recommend allowing 24-48 hours for any lasting off-gassing to occur. Consider it the sweet scent of anticipation for a restful night's sleep!

Feeling the pressure from your parents or family asking what you need for college? We've got you covered with the perfect gift idea that will have you sleeping comfortably when August rolls around. Imagine this: high school graduation parties are in full swing, and you're celebrating the past four years of hard work. What better way to kick off your college journey than with the gift of better sleep for the next four years? Treat yourself to a thoughtful and practical gift—a mattress topper from Viscosoft. Not only will it have your roommates wondering how you're sleeping so soundly, but it might even have them Googling "Viscosoft" to get in on the secret. Trust us, you'll be thanking your family again when you're catching up over Thanksgiving or the holidays, feeling well-rested and ready to tackle whatever college throws your way. Shop now with confidence and make your college experience even better!


Logistics are also worth considering when thinking about a topper for the fall. If you are sending your first student off to campus you might not fully understand that demand for mattress toppers is going to skyrocket come August.  Trust us...our warehouse staff can barely keep up! We don't want you to miss out. Ordering now will get you the topper you want, avoid any pre-order delays and definitely avoid the dreaded "sold out" notification. Plus, Viscosoft boxes are super size-efficient, meaning they'll fit nicely into a closet until it's time to pack up.  They also fit perfectly in the trunk of your car for an easy transport to your new dorm digs. You can ship them directly to school if you'd like but we see most students pack them so you are assured they are with you for your first night.

A little known secret about the first few weeks on campus is the chaos at the mail room. Schools encourage sending packages to new students to keep them connected and confident.  It's a great idea, but the volume of packages in those first few weeks overwhelms the staff. Trust us, you don't want to be caught in the frenzy of lost packages and endless queues during those early days at school, especially if you are not sleeping well. Ordering a mattress topper now ensures your student gets the sleep they deserve from day one. After all, a well-rested student is a successful student!

Sometimes things don't always go according to plan, and that's okay! If you accidentally order the wrong size or style, fear not. Selecting your topper today offers plenty of time to re-size or re-consider before move-in day, you'll have ample opportunity to exchange or return your topper hassle-free. When it comes to sleep, we believe everyone deserves a perfect fit.

So there you have it. The time is now to invest in your sleep sanctuary and elevate your college experience to new heights. Whether you're drifting off in a Twin XL or Full XL, rest easy knowing that your Viscosoft mattress topper has got your back (literally). Order yours today and check one more item off the college essentials list for your student before the summer is in full swing. 🌟

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