Dream Interpretation: 3 Methods


As a society, we are often intrigued by the originality and absurdity of our dreams. We tend to wonder why we dream of the things we do, and sometimes we can feel ashamed about our unconscious thoughts. So, we took the bull by the horns and discovered four easy methods to analyze your dreams. Happy reading, and don't be afraid to have sweet dreams!


First of all, if we have ONE thing to advise you, it is to take note of your dreams as soon as you wake up. The brain tends to sort out information that could be more useful. However, to interpret a dream, one must know the dream in every detail. 



1 – The Dream Machine: Viscosoft x ChatGPT

2 – Interpretation of dreams according to Freud

3 – Interpretation through dream language


Is there an online dream interpreter?

1 – Viscosoft x Chat GPT: The Dream Machine

Despite the general information available in books or on specific sites, we started with an observation: there is no simple and personalized way to interpret your dream. As sleep and dream enthusiasts, we decided to make an innovative and unique tool combining AI and ChatGPT technology with our expertise in sleep to interpret your dreams, even the craziest ones, by your favorite personalities or the greatest psychoanalysts. Our Dream Machine can have your dream analyzed by Yoda, Freud, or Rihanna. It’s a unique, fun experience that you won't be able to put down!


Our Dream Machine works effortlessly and playfully. All you have to do is submit your dream in our tool! There are two ways you can go about using the dream machine:

  1. Common Dreams List: By choosing from a selection of the 300 most common dreams sorted in a fluid and intuitive drop-down menu.
  2.  Type in your own: Precisely detailing the scenario of your dream in a small search bar. This option is best for the image generation portion of the dream interpretation. The more detail you can provide, the more precise the performance and the adjacent image will be! 

After you’ve added in your dream, simply select the character who will interpret your dream and launch the interpretation, which will appear in the next few seconds. That’s it! It’s that easy.

🗒 Note:
The Dream Machine
is a free unique experience, without registration and without obligation to purchase.


Inside the Dream Machine, you will have the opportunity to have your dream interpreted by one of the most excellent experts and pioneers of dream interpretation: Freud. 

2 – Interpretation of Dreams According to Freud

Freud sees dreams as windows that open into the unconscious and reveal our hidden desires and fears. According to him, dreams are a scenario coded by our unconscious, leaving the opportunity for them to be deciphered. Our dreams can be full of symbols closely linked to our culture. This is why, for Freud, it is essential to associate your personal and cultural beliefs with the signs and images present in your dreams. We have put together a simple method for interpreting dreams according to Freud: 

Step 1: Remember your dream. As said before, we advise you to write down your dream as soon as you wake up to be sure not to forget it. It is important to note every little detail, even those that seem insignificant. 

Step 2: Identify their symbols once you have all the dream elements in mind. For example, dreaming of a snake can symbolize fear or anxiety. You can find many books on symbolism in dreams.

Step 3: Once you have identified the symbols, try to relate them to your personal life. For example, dreaming of a snake can be synonymous with a stressful or scary situation in real life.

Step 4: Finally, try to find the hidden meaning behind the symbols in your dream. For example, if you dream of losing a tooth, it may symbolize feelings of vulnerability or loss of power.

It is crucial to remember that dream interpretation, according to Freud, is a subjective and personal process. Symbols can have different meanings for each individual, depending on their life experience and unconscious.



3 – Interpretation Through Dream Language 

Dream language is a concept that dreams have their symbolic language, which is interpreted to understand their meaning. Each element is considered a symbol for the dreamer. Flying can symbolize freedom or a search for independence. Some dictionaries list these symbols by presenting each definition. 

Dream Language is a universal concept studied and explored in many cultures around the world for thousands of years. 


Here is a complete method to interpret your dream through dream language: 

Step 1: Break Down Your Dream. So write your dream in a notebook and then cut it out. Each part constitutes a different symbol. 

Step 2: Once each element is put aside, you can find an overall theme to the dream that repeats itself. This theme can already give much of the meaning of the dream. 

Step 3: However, dreams are only sometimes literal. You must think in symbolic terms to understand what your subconscious is trying to say. 


Now, you can provide yourself with a dictionary of dream language or use the Dream Machine to simplify your work.

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