6 Tips for Getting Better Sleep with Back Pain

1) Choose the Right Position

Sleeping on your back or side is best. Place a pillow (under your knees if on your back, between the knees if on your side) to alleviate as much lower back pain as possible.

2) Choose the Right Mattress

It’s generally assumed that the firmer the mattress, the better when it comes to combatting back pain- but that may not be the case. The wider your hips are, the softer your mattress should be, as that will keep your spine in better alignment. If you need to new mattress, choose to buy from companies that offer a trail period so you can feel out what mattress will meet your needs. 

3) In & Out

Take extra care when getting in and out of bed to ensure that you don’t cause further damage to your back. When you’re getting up after hours of resting you may be stiff and more prone to hurting yourself.

4) Stretch it Out

Considering that you may be stiff when getting up in the morning, take a few minutes to stretch and bring life back into your muscles before heading off on your day!

5) Core Exercising

A lot of back pain can be alleviated by strengthening your core. This will help day and night to get rid of your persistent pain.

6) Relax as Much as Possible

We hold so much tension from the stress of the day in our back muscles. Try stretching, yoga or meditation before bed to get rid of as much tension as possible before getting into bed at night.

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