Tips to Help Overnight House Guests Sleep Better

Does the idea of hosting overnight guests give you the chills?

Having guests over for a get-together or small party is exciting when you don’t have to worry about where they’ll sleep. Hosting overnight house guests, comes with the added pressure of ensuring your space reflects your personality and feels enjoyable and comfortable for your visitors. 

Below are a few ideas to help your overnight house guests sleep better and feel comfortable without too much effort. 

Create Room for the Guests

While it may be exciting to have overnight house guests, it can be daunting if you live in a small apartment or condo. 

If you have a one-bedroom apartment, you can use your sofas. You can add pillows and beddings to make the sofas comfortable enough for sleeping. Ensure that space is organized and clutter-free, as this will help your visitors feel relaxed. 

If you have a small home office, this too can be converted into a sleep space.

Have a Sleeping Arrangement in Advance

Whether you have a small apartment or a house with several bedroom options, you need to plan sleeping arrangements.That shows your guests you’ve thought about their visit and were well-prepared. It also eliminates any confusion about where they’ll sleep after they arrive. This will allow for a more enjoyable visit. 

Making the room inviting should be top of your list. You can do this by placing a lamp by the bedside table, providing a selection of beddings, and freshening up the room. Have a basket with essentials like towels and other toiletries.

A few people have difficulty falling asleep at night and tend to read a book or browse through magazines before they fall asleep. Ensure that you have a stack of books and magazines nearby. Don’t forget to place a reading light for those who prefer to be at night.

You can also create a private snack and coffee station if there’s enough space. That will give your visitors the freedom to enjoy their favorite drinks and snacks without leaving their room. 

The Right Mattress

A good mattress is essential to creating a comfortable sleeping environment. Nonetheless, picking a mattress can be difficult, given the individual sleep preferences.  The best choice is to opt for a mattress that ensures most of the guests are comfortable. Test the mattress by sleeping on it yourself to find out if it’s comfortable. 

If you prefer a little more flexibility and customization you can get a mattress topper like Viscosoft’s Select High-Density Topper. It’s designed to change how the mattress feels without requiring a brand new mattress.  If your guests' mattress is old or beginning to soften in the middle, this topper will provide  additional support for guests that prefer a firmer sleep surface. The topper eliminates motion transfer for guests sleep together and is comfortable for all sleep positions. 


Check Your Bedding Options

When hosting guests overnight, you want them to be comfortable, which involves the right bedding. Temperature differences will dictate the best type of bedding for your guests . For example, having your guests during summer means getting breathable bed sheets and a light blanket that won’t cause overheating at night.  A comforter and flannel sheets are ideal for winter months.

Bedding may have collected dust and other allergens if your guest room has been vacant for a long time. So it's important to clean the room before your guests arrive. You can also include pillow protectors to keep the pillows stain and dust-free. 

Pillows are another thing to consider when creating bedding options. A section of people may prefer down pillows, while others find memory foam pillows comfortable. The best thing is to combine various options, like different materials and lofts. That will give your guests the option of selecting the type of pillows they find comfortable. 

Experts also recommend getting the allergen-proof mattress and pillow covers if mold or dust allergies are a problem for your guests. 

Get the Temperatures Right

A part of helping your overnight guests sleep better is to get the temperature right.  Provide a fan, heater, or portable AC. You can also let them know that it’s OK to open the window and do anything they need to sleep well. Most experts recommend a temperature range of 60-72 degrees Fahrenheit. Having light beddings and cooling mattress pads can also help with nighttime temperatures. 

Keep the Guest Room Dark

Exposure to light can interfere with regular sleep-wake cycles. Darkness plays a critical role in restorative and deep sleep, which you want for your guests. Get blackout blinds and curtains to ensure your windows don’t let any light in. If the room also becomes dark, you can have a motion-activated night light to help your guests find their way around at night. 

You can also get a sleep mask if blocking all light in the room isn’t feasible. There are plenty of options available with breathable fabric and a comfortable band. 

Keep the House Quiet or Provide Sleep Aids

It can be challenging for your guests to sleep well if they are not used to noisy children, pets, or kids. You can help overnight house guests sleep better by finding them a room that is far from the living space. 

Alternatively, you can get them some sleeping aids if blocking these noises isn’t practical. The earplugs block out noises, providing an excellent environment to fall asleep with fewer interruptions. Some people will appreciate having the earplugs nearby as they are used to having them at home. 

Final Thoughts

Creating a comfortable and welcoming space for your overnight guests doesn’t have to be tedious. With the above tips, you should find it easy to set up a cozy room that your visitors will find thoughtful and feel like home. Creating a comfortable space also gives you satisfaction as a host. 

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