Give Them The Gift They Never Knew They Needed

For several different types of people, a mattress topper is an unexpected and genuinely perfect gift idea. Toppers are an affordable way to deliver comfort, style, well-being and versatility to your recipient.  In an effort to help you shock friends and family with just how deeply thoughtful you are, we broke it down for you.

unmade bed and Christmas tree

- Pet Parents -

Fur babies are excellent cuddle partners but sometimes, they aren’t as peaceful as we’d like them to be. They toss and turn which means we toss and turn with them. Don’t let your friends beloved pets interrupt their sleep. Our mattress toppers have incredible motion transfer stopping capabilities- this means those cuddly critters can move all they want and their loving parents will sleep uninterrupted.

- Anyone & Everyone That Shares a Bed with Someone -

Let’s be honest, pets aren’t the only ones whose tossing and turning keeps us up at night. Help out your loved ones and help prevent potential arguments by nipping it in the bud. More sleep means more love, plain and simple.

- Mega-Host -

We all know that one friend that prides themselves on their hosting abilities: dinner parties, crafting days, holiday get togethers, movie nights, you name it. Give them something to make their guests feel even more at home. They can use the topper on a guest bed or pull-out couch and when there’s more guests than beds, they can simply remove the topper, lay it on the ground and use it as a remarkably comfortable makeshift sleep spot. It’s also great to throw in the living room for added lounging during those famed movie nights!

- Astronomy Lover -  

Have a friend that gawks at the night sky? You know, that person who never misses a meteor shower? The one who knows every constellation? Get them a mattress topper! Seems like a strange proposition, sure. But the next time they want to stare up into that dreamy night sky- they can do so in absolute comfort. All they have to do is snag their topper and lay it on they ground and just like that they have a perfect viewing platform. Cold? Add blankets. Ground a little dirty? Not an issue- get one of the many toppers with an easily removable, machine washable cover. No more kinked necks, just nights filled with shockingly comfortable star gazing. 

- Drive In Movie Enthusiast -

This really only applies for those lucky enough to have an SUV, hatchback, mini van, or truck but if they do then boy oh boy will this be a delight. Put the seats down, throw it in the back, open the back door and they’ll be in for an absolute treat. It can even be folded and propped up to create a couch like situation. They may never wanna watch another movie at home. 

- Pain Sufferer -

If you know anyone suffering from back pain, giving them one of our high density mattress toppers this Christmas could potentially be life changing. Not only does this foam alleviate those painful pressure points caused by traditional mattresses but it will also actively work to align their head, shoulder, and hips; this means a healthier spine and less pain. 

- Homebody -

If this one isn’t obvious, it should be. Homebodies love home. They love home because it’s comfortable. So step it up a notch and make their sacred space that much more special. They will absolutely thank you for it. 

- Festival Lovers -

To those of you with friends and family that attend overnight music and arts festivals- this is THE PERFECT gift. Sleeping at festivals can be difficult and swapping out the air mattress for a topper can revolutionize their sleep experience. And better sleep means more fun. Worried about tracking dirt in? Don’t be, The cover is machine washable. And unlike other expensive mobile sleeping set ups- storage isn’t an issue. They can keep it on their bed when they’re not using it at a festival and enjoy it 365 days a year. We recommend the Active Cooling topper with an added cooling component that will keep them cool on those hot fun-filled summer nights.


- Wellness Enthusiast -

Fresh air, water, healthy food, and good sleep: these are the ingredients for a healthy body and mind. While we can’’t help your friends and family out with the first three, good sleep is kind of our specialty. And not only can we give them the best sleep of their lives, we can also align their spine while doing it. Take it to the next level and give them one of our calming lavender or detoxifying charcoal infused high density mattress toppers.

- Fitness Fanatic -

Know any runners? Crossfitters? Weigh lifters? Athletes? Sleep is vital to both muscle recovery and performance so give them yet another tool to perform at maximum efficiency. They’ll go to bed sore and tired and wake up feeling refreshed and ready for another day of training.

- Yogis -

We know this one might seem like a stretch (ha) but it really is perfect and we’re speaking from experience. Just like with the fitness fanatic, this helps with muscle recovery, alignment, and general body love but for yogis in particular, there’s added benefits. Are they practicing headstands? Don’t make them do it on a hard surface. Just roll out the topper on the ground and instantly improve your practice. They can settle in for meditation, get their yin on, or have the best Savasana of their life. No need to destroy their knees in their practice, they can do their hip openers on the topper and go deeper than ever before. Tell them to roll it up and place it under their back while they lay down for gentle and deeply releasing back bends. Our toppers are truly a hidden gem in any yoga practice. They’ll wonder how you came up with such a clever idea on your own.

- RVers -

People who travel in RVs do so with comfort in mind yet RV mattresses are often notoriously uncomfortable. Step up their game with a memory foam mattress topper. 

- Aging Loved Ones -

Age gets us all eventually and with it comes unwanted aches and pains. Fortunately, our high density toppers can help with that. Not only does it eliminate painful pressure points, it’ll cradle their body in complete comfort and gently lull them to sleep. After a couple nights, they’ll notice that not only is it easier to fall asleep, but it’s also easier to get up and live their lives pain free. 

- Camping Connoisseur -

Let’s be honest- a sleeping mat is not comfortable and a blow up mattress isn’t much better. Pro tip: a 3-4 inch topper directly on the floor of your tent is absolute camping magic. Transform their camping experience with the perfect gift. We promise you they’ll be singing your praises after just one night. 


Compared to the alternatives, a mattress topper is a fairly inexpensive way to transform your loved ones sleep experience. And transforming their sleep means transforming their lives. Shop all of our toppers here - not sure which topper is perfect? no problem- click here to get a gift card. Happy Holidays!

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