8 Signs Your Airbnb Bed Needs an Upgrade

Owning and managing an Airbnb can give you a lucrative source of additional income. However, to be successful, your listing needs to stand out from the 5.6 million listings.  One of the easiest ways to do that is by upgrading your Airbnb guests' sleep experience. A high-quality mattress ensures your guests get a deep and restful night’s sleep while staying at your rental. In contrast, a worn-out or low-quality mattress can ruin a guest’s experience. 

Look for these eight signs that it is time to upgrade the mattresses in your Airbnb.

1. The Mattress Is Old 

The average lifespan of a mattress is six to eight years. If your mattress is older than this, it’s time to replace it. Mattresses that have higher quality materials and construction last longer. Additionally, the number of people who sleep on them, the size and weight of the sleepers, and your maintenance routine all affect the mattress's lifespan.  Given that your mattress is in an Airbnb, it is safe to assume that it experiences heavier use than a standard mattress in your home. As a result, the lifespan is generally reduced. 

2. Signs of Wear and Tear 

If your mattress is within the useful lifespan, it may still need replacing if it shows signs of wear and tear. Common issues to look for are stains, sweat marks, broken springs, rips, holes, cracking, and crumbling. Expect your Airbnb mattress to experience heavy wear and tear. 

Help extend your mattress’s useful life by adding a protector to it. A noiseless ActiveDry mattress protector will add a protective barrier between your guests and the mattress. Look for a high-quality cover that can protect against food, liquids, allergens, sweat, and dust mites. Then, when the protector starts to show wear and tear, you can affordably replace the cover and keep the mattress. 

3. Noisy 

Sit or lay on the bed and listen. If you hear the creaking and squeaking, it’s a sign of the springs giving out. When you sleep on a mattress, the springs compress. Over time, they become tired and don’t spring back as quickly. Squeaky springs will disturb your guests’ sleep by being loud and not providing proper support. 

4. It Is Lumpy 

Over time, mattresses develop lumps and dips from people sleeping on them. Spend a test night in your Airbnb and experience what the bed feels like for yourself. If you find yourself tossing and turning, a lumpy mattress is likely to blame. If you find the mattress uncomfortable, then so do your guests. 

If the lumps and dips are slight, you may not need to replace the mattress. Instead, you could add a mattress topper. A supportive memory foam topper can even out the smaller lumps, provide more support, and create a more enjoyable night’s sleep. Look for a topper made from gel-infused memory foam at least three inches thick for the most significant impact. High-quality toppers have a removable and washable cover, making them easy to care for.

5. Musty Smell or Allergies 

Take a walk through the bedrooms in your Airbnb and breathe deeply through your nose. If you smell something musty, the mattress could be the culprit. Another telltale sign of a musty mattress is aggravated allergies. When you spend a test night in your Airbnb, pay attention to how you feel in the morning. Mattresses harbor dust-mites, which aggravate allergies. If you wake up in the morning and sneeze, cough, or have a running nose, it is a sign of a mattress overloaded with dust mites. While you can’t completely avoid dust mites, you can try sprinkling baking soda and vacuuming the mattress to remove them. However, after a certain period of time, it’s best to replace the mattress entirely. 

6. Guest Complaints 

If your guests are complaining, then it’s time to listen. Feedback from your guests is crucial for developing a solid reputation that encourages others to book your rental. If guests tell you that they are waking up with aches and pains, then the culprit is probably the mattress. 

7. It Doesn’t Fit the Listing 

How are you marketing your Airbnb rental? Is it a quaint beach house or a premium luxury getaway location? The mattress in your Airbnb listings should match the quality of the rental. Your guests expect you to pay attention to every detail. If they spend top dollar on a rental, the amenities and features should reflect the elevated price point. A worn-out or small mattress won't live up to those expectations and leave your guests feeling disappointed. Waking up tired and sore can put a dark cloud over the entire experience. 

8. It’s Small  

If your Airbnb rental has a twin mattress, then it’s time to consider upgrading. While a small twin mattress is a more affordable purchase, it is not very big. The standard size of a twin mattress is 38 x 75 inches, which is, 3.16 feet wide and 6.25 feet long. This size makes the bed uncomfortably small for people with large frames or over six feet tall. While a couple may be willing to sleep on a small mattress for a night or two, they won’t book your Airbnb for extended stays. 

Upgrading your Airbnb mattress to a queen or king (or Cal-King if you’re really fancy)  will make your rental more appealing. Not only will you attract guests who specifically look for a larger mattress, but you’ll entice guests to book longer stays. These longer bookings help to reduce vacancy rates and increase profit potential. 

Upgrade Your Airbnb Bed

If the mattresses in your Airbnb are exhibiting one or more of these issues, then it’s time to consider replacing them. Upgrading your beds can make your Airbnb much more competitive and improve the sleeping experience of your guests. Upgrading your mattress is an investment, so purchase a high-quality mattress that will reliably perform and last. 

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