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ViscoSoft Sales Training

proven sales training

We've helped top 100 furniture & mattress retailers across the country sell more mattresses, pillows & protectors.  

Online retailers are growing at an incredible rate because they are convincing customers that they don’t need to comparison shop, lay down on different mattresses to find the one that’s best for them, or consult with a salesperson to make a purchase.

Many national chains are proving these internet companies right by subjecting customers to an overwhelming cookie-cutter selling system with too many choices and an auction-like environment where the sales person keeps making “credible” excuses for dropping price until the customer gives in or walks away. ViscoSoft has a better way.

increase your revenue with our sales training  

Proven Experience

Our sales training is proven to help top 100 furniture and mattress retailers sell more mattresses, pillows, and protectors. With over 30 years of experience, let us show you the ViscoSoft difference.

Hands-On Training

Our sales presentations show sales people how to blend relevant product knowledge with hands-on selling techniques, leading to an immediate impact on revenue and your bottom line. That's a win-win.

On-Going Coaching

We provide on-going coaching for trainers and managers, so they can become more effective when supporting sales associates on the sales floor, and learn how to design their own compelling workshops.

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Harry Costantino

Director of Training & Account Development

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