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Introducing our beautiful new line of bed-in-a-box mattresses.

Designed for private label partnerships and floor-to-door direct ship programs.

Private-Label Program & Exclusive Vendor Commitments

Gain a competitive edge

Our private-label program and exclusive vendor commitments are proven leaders In Top 100 Furniture And Mattress Retailers across the country. 

Grow Your Profit Margin

ViscoSoft has been providing successful private label programs nationally and internationally for over 10 years. We'll work for you!

Why convince your customer to buy a national brand that they can just as easily buy from your competition?

Build a private-label program customers will trust & can't find anywhere else.

Consumers believe that private-label programs represent a good value and that purchasing private-label products makes them a smart shopper.

In fact, nearly 74% believe store brands are a good alternative to name brands, according to Nielsen's Global Private Label Report.

This is why industry leaders are committed to expanding their private label lines.  

What Makes ViscoSoft Different?

Exclusive Distribution to Set Your Store Apart

ViscoSoft is partnering with retailers in geographic areas across the country to offer exclusive vendor commitments that will set your store apart in terms of selection and price.

Unique Product Designs & Packaging

Our team of talented designers can customize your product and packaging to fit your brand and your needs. They'll work with you to develop a private-label program that sells.

Grow Your Business with Better Profit Margins

We've been a global leader in developing private-label brands since 2010. Let us show you what our line of bedding products can do to build loyalty and boost your bottom line. 

Sales Training Programs Catered to You 

Sales training is a critical piece of launching a successful private-label program. Our award-winning leadership will coach your sales representatives on how to sell effectively. 

Harry Costantino
Director of Training & Account Development


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