The Arctic Gel Contour

WaveFlow Gel Technology
Responsive Design

The Arctic Gel Contour Pillow cradles your head and neck in a layer of refreshing cooling gel to keep your body temperature regulated throughout the night, while the pressure-sensitive foam reduces pain and provides support.

The seasonsense

Cooling Gel Technology &
Insulating Down Alternative Filling

The SeasonSense is an advanced reversible pillow featuring waveflow gel technology on one side and insulating down alternative filing on the other. With the SeasonSense, you can obtain your most optimal body temperature in any climate.

The 3” mattress topper

Gel-Infused Foam
Removable Cover with Straps

The Arctic 3-Inch Gel-Infused Mattress Topper is constructed from three and a half pound density foam, creating a plush, ventilated surface for any mattress. The topper features a washable, soft and breathable cover with elastic straps.

At ViscoSoft, we understand the importance of maintaining a cool and comfortable sleep environment. By regulating your temperature, you're able to wake up feeling refreshed, energized and ready to make the most out of your waking hours.

Breathable Foam and Fibers

Featuring specially engineered foams and fibers, the pillows and mattress toppers in our Arctic Collection are formulated to provide superior breathability when compared to similar products.

Responsive Cooling Gel

Traditional memory foam has a tendency to sleep hot, but our innovative cooling gel technology keeps your body at an optimal sleep temperature throughout the entire night.

Contouring Memory Foam

By cradling the curves of your body, memory foam naturally reacts to your every move and eliminates motion transfer, regardless of your body type or sleeping position.

Performance Bedding at a Chill Price

Not all cooling products are created equal. During the manufacturing process, gel beads can clump and cause hot spots in certain areas of your bed. Our product feature an innovative gel technology that evenly distributes body heat so you'll never be too hot or too cold again.

moisture wicking fabric

The Arctic Collection features breathable covers that utilize moisture-wicking technology to repel moisture while you sllep. Each removable cover also acts as a barrier against allergies and dust mites keeping you cool, clean and comfortable.

optimal recovery

With over a decade of experience, our innovative team of sleep experts have engineered a series of fabrics and foams to optimize your sleep environment, allowing you to rest and recover at night so that you'll perform at your best during the day.

superior garantee

Our premium products are manufactured from the most advanced foams and fabrics on the market. We're so sure that they'll help ypu make the most of your waking hours that we proudly offer a 3-year warranty and a money-back guarantee.
Engineered to Energize

The key to enhancing your performance during the day is allowing your body and mind to repair itself each night. The Arctic Collection was engineered to provide temperature-controlled, therapeutic support so that you can maximize your recovery time and wake rejuvenated and ready to take on whatever the world throws at you.