The Best Mattress for Every Dad Bod

Father’s Day is just around the corner and we know that every dad bod is different and therefore sleeps differently too. We want to not only celebrate our dads this Father’s Day, we want to celebrate all the different body types out there by highlighting some of the different dad bods and what comfort level of mattress is best for each in order to achieve the best night’s sleep. While there are other factors to consider, like sleeping position, the list below is a great place to start when looking to gift Dad a good night’s sleep for Father’s Day.

For The Dad With More To Love

For our full-figured fathers, we recommend going with a firm comfort level when selecting a mattress. The more weight per square inch of your body, the more force is being placed on the pressure points when you sleep. A soft mattress is going to cause anyone with a high BMI to sink into the mattress, making it difficult to get out of bed. Whereas a firmer mattress will provide support for pressure points, allowing for a restful night’s sleep free of aches and pains.

For The Rock Hard Dad

The term “mesomorph” describes those with a high metabolism and muscular body type. If your dad is buff and spends a lot of time at the gym, chances are he falls under this category. Because muscle is heavy, the typical gym rat typically has an above-average BMI. For this reason, we have the same recommendations for these people as we do for those who are overweight. The heavier you are, no matter what’s causing the weight, the more support you need in a mattress. If you’re looking at getting your rock hard dad a mattress this Father’s Day, stick with a firmer comfort level so that all his pressure points are supported and he doesn’t sink into the mattress.

For The Slim Jim Dad

Would you describe your dad as lean and long with difficulty building muscle? If so, he probably falls under the ectomorph category, which describes people that are thin and have a very high metabolism. For this slim dad bod, we recommend a soft mattress comfort level because he would probably be pushed to the top of a firm mattress and wouldn’t get the body contour that he needs at night.

For The Average Joe Dad

If your dad isn’t overly big, small, short, tall, muscular or thin, he probably has the average Joe dad bod. These guys are average height, average weight and have an average BMI- they fall in the middle of the road in just about all categories. If this is your dad, we recommend getting him a medium comfort level when purchasing a mattress, as it is also a good middle-of-the-road choice that you can’t go wrong with!

There are many other factors that go into determining the right comfort level for a new mattress, such as sleeping position and whether you sleep alone or with a partner (or furry four-legged friend). Body type is a good place to start, but since bodies come in so many shapes and sizes, you can take our sleep personality quiz to get a definitive answer on what comfort level your dad needs!